RV Boondocking
My Sorta Heaven on Earth!

Near Lake City Colorado

Your RV Boondocking day starts when you wake to be greeted by the mists rising off the glassy lake where you're camped.

The Sun is just breaking over the mountains back to the east.

A loon breaks the silence of another glorious morning with its eerie call.

Hot coffee is steamin' in your cup as you fill your lungs with the clear, crisp, fresh air of a high mountain morning.

Another soft start to your day... watching the sun rise.

These are Shinin' times! It is by God GOOD TO BE ALIVE!

Fall View of the Tetons

Boondocking is the only way to go RVing!

Aren't you weary of the crowding and commotion, squeezed into RV parks awning to slide?

Glacier National Park view from high on Going to the Sun Road

Leave the packed parks behind and go RV Boondocking!

See how we upgraded our fifth wheel and our lives, with the RV accessories and skills that make dry camping an absolute pleasure!

Experience the joy and serenity that other RVers only dream of.

Monument Valley View

Let me show you that you can push the envelope a good lil' bit...

... and still come out alive and carrying some pretty shining memories to boot!

All gained from those exciting and shining camps in the High up and Lonesome...

a canyon rim near Flaming Gorge

From camps on the edge at Flaming Gorge...

...To the slot canyons of Southern Utah.

Alng the Wasington Coast near Deception Pass

...and the quiet, soft sunsets on a beach... The wandering ways of a Gypsy Biker Cowboy are likely to fit your spirit too!

You may even discover a yearning to squeeze in the solitude of a Desert Canyon...

So come on in!

Grab a fresh cup of hot coffee. Pull up a comfortable chair and follow the adventures... and knowing me a few misadventures! of a broken down old cowboy and his wife, as we go...

...RV Boondocking the Good Life!

Please check back frequently. My site is a few years old and I'm in the process of a major rebuild that'll take most of this year. You may find a few changes that you find valuable!

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