Choosing, Upgrading and Living With a Tow Vehicle

An RV Tow Vehicle is the rig you put in front if you're gonna haul a trailer. ;)

To be accurate, it can be said that your Motorhome becomes one too if you pull a toad or a trailer of some sort to carry your toys and tools.

This is a fairly sizeable part of this site. Likely it could be made into a
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Most often, when you hear someone say; "RV Trailer Toter" they're talking about a truck used to drag a fifth wheel or pull trailer.

That may be true, but it's still a far cry from the complete story. When it comes to trailer toters they range from two wheelers and tiny mini coopers to humongous diesel slurping beasts.

This section of my site will concentrate on the truck type since that's where my experience lays... and at least for the time being how I roll.

Whichever way you choose to go, you'll want to invest some time and dinero to set up your rig properly. Making that effort will add a lot of capacity and flexibility to your travels. At the same time it will ease your mind with its improved reliability and performance.

Here's a few articles to stimulate your towing imagination.

All the RV Tow rig options I could think of

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Jacobs exhaust brake

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HDT is the way to go for the Heavy Fiver RV Boondockers!

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An RV Hitching Guide to make your life easier

Clean up your cab - No more CD's floating around if you have an IPOD!

RV Truck Tool Boxes to make Big Red Shine even brighter!

Big Red finally got his Spray On Bed Liner!

Improve your RV Tow Vehicle with an RV Dog Deck!

A Dog Deck version for Power Stokes!

Our B&W Turnover Ball "Gooseneck" Fifth Wheel Hitch

Our new Prodigy trailer brake control

A Laptop Console for our GPS laptop navigation computer

Working the bugs out of our "in cab" laptop computer power

Upgrading the Dodge with Running Boards

Diesel Fuel Supplement and Bottles to make it easy!

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