This RV Hitching Guide Should Do Away with Most of the ....

... hassles you've had hookin' up without a Hitching Guide.

Do you have the same hassles I have gettin' hooked up? .... No No No! Not that!... The Boss Lady would skin me quick anyhoo!

No...I'm talkin' 'bout gettin' hooked up to the Trailer! :-) Some days I'm under the sucker quick and clean... other times... I couldn't hit it with a bucket of rocks... if I was sittin' on the roof!

I've looked and fiddled and wondered for some little while about a solution...

Have you checked prices on some of the stuff on the market? Some of 'em aren't too bad... but you still have to store the things somewhere...

I've looked at, and fooled around with some of 'em... mirrors, magnetic poles, etc. Seems like you gotta fiddle with too much stuff to suit me... and then hide the big Ol' sucker somewhere... when you ain't hitchin' the rig.

The only thing I've not tried was a camera setup. I'd still like one on the back of the fiver... but it seemed like a little overkill for just hookin' up a pickup. I suppose a camera on a HDT or MDT is just about a requirement if you've got anything built on behind the cab.

The only thing I needed a hitching guide for was my gol' durn pickup!... The older I get the less consistent my 'backin' up' seems to get! I end up... pullin' up... backin' in... pullin' up and jiggin' over a couple inches... backin' in... oops... too far... @%$*!!!

Well... a few weeks ago I finally had one of them epiphany deals... took two aspirin and it went away!... but not 'fore I scribbled down the idea!

It's pretty simple... All you need for this here Hitching Guide is a 48" Bungee strap, two footmen loops, some self drilling screws, a bit of light colored tape... and some string!

One genuine, double whiz bang, Hitching Guide comin' up on the cheap! :-)

First thing... take what time you need to get the truck backed in under the hitch... the old way. Take the time to get it hangin' exactly over the ball... or the pin... I use the gooseneck adapter of course... which makes hookin' up that much more 'out-a-sight'...

building an RV hitching guide

Now... Take that Bungee and stretch it across the bed, perpendicular to the bed rails... so it jusssst kisses the hitch... which is settin' at the height you normally hook up at...

Take a couple pieces of light colored tape and mark the hitch, the center of the Bungee and both points where the Bungee is hooked to the bed rails...

Now... with ever' thing marked for the Hitching Guide, pull back out so you can do the fancy install!

There's only a couple things to do!

First, take some self drilling screws and set the two Footmen loops centered over the tape you marked the Bungee hookin' points at.

hitching guide mouting point

Hitching Guide mount

Next, take your string and 'Whip' the bungee strap to make a more durable 'sighting point' on your Hitching Guide.

Never whipped a rope before? No problem... It's how we used to repair and protect pack ropes back on the ranches... easy thing to do.

Take the string and make a loop... lay the loop on the Bungee, over the tape you marked the center with...

Hitching Guide Center

Whipping a bungee cord

Leave a short tail hangin' out... see it goin' to my right a couple inches? the 'body' of the string is hangin' down...

Now... take the 'Body, and start wrappin' it around that loop, layin' along the Bungee strap... but make sure you leave that lil' tail exposed...

Whipping a rope

When you cover say about 3/4 of an inch... (the tape you put on there) take the 'body' string that you've been wrappin' around the Bungee... and feed it through the loop you first layed along the body of the Bungee...

Whipping a rope

Now... if you pulled that string plenty tight when you were doin' your wrappin' you might need to use some pliers of some sort to pull that tail you left hangin' out... you did leave it hangin'... right?

Well now... pull on that tail a mite... until the 'body' string comes up to the first wrapping... then trim that body string... so it's maybe a 1/2" or so through the loop... then finish pulling it. That end will pull in under the last several wraps you made, locking it down for a good long while and giving you a durable 'Sight Point' for your Hitching guide!

Whipping a rope

Now that the Bungee is taken care of... replace that tape you used to mark the hitch, with some paint that you can see... OOPS... I didn't have anything on hand real bright... but some Red Primer will work for a lil' while... I can see it quite a bit better than it shows up in these pics!

At this point, all you gotta do is back up! Line up the wrapped mark on the Bungee with the center point marked on your hitch... and back up till they touch! :-)

No worryin' about backin' too far and runnin' the tailgaite into the rig... no strainin' your neck and tryin' to work the clutch... heck my neck don't strain worth a dang any more...

It's a mite odd... but I found my eyes are crooked... or my face is bent or some damn thing... I kept goin' off to one side or the other! ... till I just used the rear view mirror... then... Badda Boom Badda Bing! Right on the money!

And that's OK too... 'cause lookin' in the mirror is a lot more comfortable for my stove up Ol' carcass... No more of that twistin' an wigglin'... tryin' to see and keep my boots on the pedals at the same time!

I just sat there... and looked up in the rear view and Ding! Sweet!

The Eagle has landed... with a handy new Hitching Guide!

Hook it in one footman loop... walk around to the other side, stretchin' it along the way... hook it in ... simple to set up! ... and the only thing you gotta put away somewhere when you're hitched, is a single, skinny, bungee cord... total cost for this handy dandy hitching guide?

Not sure... I had the footmen loops... but I'll bet they're a buck and a half or so... the big Bungee was 5 or 6 dollars I think... the string... I had... the paint... I had... pretty dang cheap! Fits my squeaky tight butt to a T!

RV Hitching Guide

So... Take your new Hitching Guide and go get Hooked up! ... and don't worry... I won't tell ... YOUR... Boss Lady!

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