Building My Cowboy RV Home Base

He's doing what? Building an RV Home Base? I thought he said he was "Going back to Horse"?

Well... I am! But I'm going The Cowboy Way!

In Cochise County, in the southern Arizona desert, I am building an RV Home Base. Though for me it'll be more of a Gypsy cowboy winter camp.

The motivation to make this change in my ways sprang from having come to the realization that for me, living without horses is no longer sustainable.

This home base, at the least, will be my winter Range.

In affect it's a return to the best of Recreational "Vehicles"... The Horse.

In this pursuit economics has dictated making a choice. Motorcycles or Horses. I simply lack the resources to do both.

At least for now, the horses won... and by a pretty good margin too I must say. So I go to build my Cowboy winter camp.

Now understand here; that I am building this horse camp doesn't mean I'm leaving the road. That is also an unsustainable option for me. Let's just say there are enterprises developing in the fuzzy future that I'll mostly keep quiet about just now.

It's enough to say that we, my "Horse partner" and I, have discovered some far away places where good horses can be bought, and after some good period of hard work teaching them a few things, they can be sold at a nice yet reasonable "markup".

The trips to hunt those prospects will make for some wide circles two or three times a year... and then there's quite a bit of travel involved in the "Proving up" of those prospects in the "discipline" we have planned for them.

What all that means is I get the best of both worlds. I get to return to my horses while continuing to follow the paint stripes in the finding and selling of them!

For the time being, lacking any other name I am calling this place; "Cochise Camp". That's appropriate as the five acre piece of dirt that I will be working on lays between the Dragoon mountains on the west and the Chiricahuas on the east.

These were the mountains that Cochise and Geronimo used to run circles around the Cavalry.

It will, with my meager budget take some time, multiple years to do all the development I have in mind.

Initially, the work I do will be to develop an off grid RV Home Base using the same facilities and systems that I've lived full time Boondocking on the road for more than the past five years.

What follows are the parts and pieces of what I will be working on.

Plans for My Cowboy Winter Camp / RV Home base

*The Land

     - My requirements and plans for the land

     - Driveway/interior roads

     - Perimeter fencing

*The Core Living Quarters

     - Living Full-Time in a Living Quarters Horse Trailer

*Supporting Supplemental/Auxiliary Buildings and Structures

     - Patio/Ramada

     - Writing shed

     - Leather Shop

     - Common Room (RV Casita)


     - Cistern

     - Haul tanks



     - Waste haul System

     - Grey water irrigation

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