It Occured to Me that the Reader Submitted Stories Might be Easier to Find with an Index Page

So! The Four Sections for Reader Submitted Stories currently available, now have an Index page all their own.

If you want to talk to the other Visitors of goin' RV Boondocking about the RV Destinations you've visited; The modifications you've made to your own unique Custom RV; Want to pass on RVing Tips you've learned... the hard way!; or share the Shining Times you get from your own personal RV RecreationActivities... these pages are the place to go, to do just that!

Folks can look all over the internet and find all sorts of information. Much of it though, is from straight, commercial places, whose greatest interest is in selling something.

Now, I have no problem with that, ever'body needs to make a living... How-some-ever, for those folks that are looking for information that they can have the greatest confidence in; finding the stories from folks like you, folks that have the "Been there - Have the T shirt", sort of credibility, is finding the BEST sort of information.

It's plain old reader submitted information from folks just wanting to share... no other agenda. Your reader submitted stories have that Credibility!

So... Join in and pass on some of your hard won Honest, Credibility!

The pages to submit your stories are:

...Your RV Destinations

... Your Custom RV

... Reader's RVing Tips

... Reader's RV Recreation Activities

... and when you're done... you've just built your first SBI! page... Kinda fun wasn't it? ... It gets even more fulfilling when other folks respond with comments expressing their gratitude for your having shared your knowledge with 'em!

Hmmm... maybe you might want to consider goin' from submitting your own stories to other sites... to building a website of your own! :-)

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