RV Repairs Help Your Budget, Deepen Your Understanding and Keep Your Brain Pan Exercised

RV repairs are inevitable. No way to avoid 'em. Everything man makes... man will eventually break.

So what are you going to do about it?

The first thing I'd advise you to do is pursue proper, regular, RV maintenance in the first place. For one, that will help prevent as many of those RV breakdowns as is possible. Another benefit is that if you're doing regular inspection and maintenance, you'll find other parts that are nearing a failure before they actually do come apart.

That generally reduces the collateral damage too!

Finding the worn part or system in camp or wherever you do your maintenance is gonna be a whole lot better than when you're rolling your rig down the road out in the middle of nowhere.

You'll be able to make your RV repairs without the added stress of sitting on the side of a road somewhere with your broken rig smoking!

There are a couple of added benefits to doing as much of your repair work as possible as DIY RV repairs.

For one, it' a lot cheaper! If you're chronically financially challenged like this old buster seems to stay, saving half or better on a repair is a good thing. (the labor is generally the biggest part of the bill!)

The second benefit to DIY RV repairs is that in doing the work, you come to understand much better how your rig is built and how it works. You gain a much greater understanding of its abilities, capacities and limitations.

Now a word of caution; Just because you want to do the work yourself, doesn't mean that's Always a good thing. A little discretion along the way is a good thing! If it's pushing your physical abilities or wandering into genuine safety issues... I'd think hard 'bout hiring professional help.

Getting crushed by a three hundred pound transmission when your Rube Goldberg jack setup fails is not gonna save you anything!

I'm pretty handy, and can put my tools and hands to just 'bout any task. That said, if the thing that is broken or worn is a critical part... something that can be catastrophic if it burns up or comes apart at speed... or disastrous if its weight falls on me...

... something that takes specialized equipment and training to work on properly... I leave those RV repairs to "certified" technicians and repairmen! ;) ... after I hunt around and find "certified" techs with a reputation for quality work.

The few times I've failed to hunt up their reputations... I've often been bitten hard on my sitting parts.

Such things as hitch welding, axle repairs, frame and suspension repairs I generally leave to them that do that work every day with the tools to do it right.

Otherwise most repairs of the rigs systems, roof, hinges, windows, water heater etc. are most likely to get done by me!

Do your RV Maintenance when it's needed. Do your repairs when they come along. Buy the work done when you have to... and keep on goin' RV Boondocking.

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