Just a few words to help you get to know the RV Boondocking authors

This pair of RV Boondocking westerners have been married for 27 years. 27 looooong, looooong years. I just can’t get her to throw me out!

Truth is, without her and my daughter this life would be a pretty miserable thing. Even if I could go RV Boondocking and dry camping!

A Bead store we own in Colorado keeps the wolf from the door. I frequently joke that “give me the tools and materials and I can make anything……….except money!” Heidi though, with her store, is a pretty fair hand at keeping us from financial ruin as well as out on the road RV Boondocking!

My passion has always been dry camping deep into far country, preferably in our fifth wheel or an RV of some sort. Besides my wife and kid, there is just nothing finer than sunrise in a Boondock camp in really empty country. The silence just soaks into your soul.

Heidi has dual passions. First her Beading and secondly, the last couple years, training our Australian Shepherd dogs and herself to do Agility.

***Lily and Buck***The Aussies That accompany us and do Agility!***

I (BK Gore) have worked one time or another at pretty near everything. I always seemed to drift back to some farm or ranch operation though. No money in it but that was where my heart wanted to be. So now you know why we opened the store some 10 years ago! Hard to keep the lights on and beans on the table with a cowboys wages!

***Cowoys and Indians-Pahaska Tepee, Wyoming!***

You know there’s a story that when God was building the world he made cows last. I guess he’s supposed to have looked down and figured that he’d done a pretty fair job but there was just one nagging problem left, them Cowboys. So that’s when he built the Cow. Seems he figured there oughta’ be at least one critter on Earth dumber than a Cowboy! I have often wondered if he sent me Heidi because he just knew there was no way in hell I was gonna’ make it alone!

***When I was younger and prettier, on the ranch***

Along the way we have owned several RV’s of different types. These include a 23’ wilderness trailer, a 27’ Sprinter motorhome and now our 30’ Jayco Fifth Wheel(our personal RV Boondocking favorite), which we pull with my good ol’ ’98 Dodge. Gotta love that Cummins! All of which are greatly superior to the whitewall tents we used for cow camps! Don’t let anyone kid you, a cowboy only ‘roughs it’ when he can’t squeeze it onto the back of a mule!

As you can see, we personally prefer a little more moderately sized rig. I don’t begrudge anyone their big rigs though. Those 45’ motorhomes and 40’ Fifth Wheels with their MDT and HD trucks are sure enough sweet rigs. They just simply won’t fit back into most of the places we like to go! Heck, there are plenty of places we can’t drag our rig! That’s what feet and horses are for!

Over the years I’ve built up a pretty good understanding of what seems to work and what don’t! I’ve also come up with a few ways of upgrading and correcting the “design flaws” in our rigs. While doing these upgrades I always keep an eye on cost…………that darned ol’ Cowboy wages thing again!

A body needs to be a little careful though. Being a little too rigid when it comes to saving money is sometimes a false economy. A fact proven by the screw ups the engineers have made, trying to save a few dollars, when they built the “design flaws” in the first place! On occasion a fella just needs to spend a few dollars doing his RV upgrades to get the best value.

We have taken many a long extended trip, staying mostly back in the bush, pretty near as far back as we could push or drag the rig. Now, we are getting ready to step off on our new adventure. Starting some time this summer (’06) we are leaving for a year or two, RVing and Boondocking Fulltime! The only thing holding up the works is getting our house sold. As soon as that’s accomplished, we are outa’ here!

It’s our thought at this point to leave the RV Boondocking adventure sort of open ended. Some time, down the road, we figure to have three ways we can choose to go.

  • Build a winter camp and just go RV Boondocking in the summer for 6 months or so.
  • Leave the road and our Fifth Wheel and go back to plain ol’ regular living……
  • Just keep boondocking on! Travel in the Fifth Wheel till we get weary of it. If indeed that is possible!
Only the future will decide which RV trail we follow…...

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