Frugal RVing;
Stress Relief and Dream Building...
No Medication Required!

Frugal RVing is where the years have led me.

Are you also one of the RVers who are thinking more frugal ways might be a way to hang on to a small piece of your Dream?

... and you're willing to sacrifice a 'comfort' or two in the process?

Bet you didn't expect to find out that 'sacrificing' those imagined comforts, may actually end up improving the quality of your RV Boondocking did you?

... I think you may just find out, along with me, that some of those sacrifices were 'Imagined comforts' and truly unnecessary, stress building, burdens!

That's what I said... You cut out and culled possessions in all sorts of ways, from your old house, to fit your life into an RV, and then a world economy slapped you hard and you found out you'd even have to downsize that RV lifestyle, if you wanted to keep on RV Boondocking.

You thought; "Well, when things turn around... we can always trade back up again!"... and now... after a few trips with the smaller, lighter rig... you're thinking; "Hmmm... maaaaaybe we'll just keep this lil' rig, just as it is! :-) The dang thing is so convenient... It's actually more fun!"

Welcome to the world of livin' skinny!... you may even be ahead of me! ... but if you look back you'll see me... and I'm comin' hard! :-)

I started out years ago with just about the same idea as many others... at least to a point... "Bigger is Better"... and that point being, 'if it was too big to get into the places I wanted to go'... Soooo, we chose the biggest rig we figured we could still squeeze in with. Not exactly Frugal RVing thinking. :-)

Let's face it... I can't but admit it... I bought into some of the advertising hype... lesson learned.

Now... how-some-ever, I've come around, just about 180 degrees in my thinking. I've circled around to adopting a much stronger Frugal RVing mentality.

... and the idea that; Rather than hauling the biggest RV that I can still squeeze into a camp; the SWEETEST! Rightest, and best way for me; of RV Boondocking into Shinin' Times! is going as small, and as light, and as low cost as I can go; while still taking care of necessities...

A few trips with Lil' Red... instead of Ol' Big Red... has shined a pretty bright light on the hassles of trying to thread a 7+ foot wide truck... through the meandering, narrow spaces, of a lot of this country's 'wide open' spaces... and then finding a spot to park it, in comparison to buzzin' around in that Lil' Red Subaru!

... my previous 'denegration' of Class B RVs... just might prove to be another time I've got to eat crow... I may have to find a few more recipes... this same Ol' feathered meal I've been eatin' so much of lately... is gettin' boring! :-)

Drivin' Lil' Red so much lately, has reminded us of all the things we just couldn't stop to see... 'cause the truck was so big and wide... there was no place to stop it! Let alone, park it! Now... with that lil' car... it don't take but a thin sliver of a wide spot to allow us to roll right in... and enjoy whatever it was that grabbed our attention.

Now, Lil' Red (a subaru) is not something we could live in... but it demonstrates the Frugal RVing ideal... that being; Big Enough is Good Enough!

All we need is what we need... and anything else is just unnecessary, useless, burden...

A burden 'someone' has to pay for, 'someone' has to carry, and 'someone' has to maintain!

So... as we go forward in this journey of ours... were thinking an RV Dinette, a bed, an RV bathroom, the normal refrigerator and stove... the necessities and not one thing more... is the Sweetest way of going for us.

I plan to use these pages to demonstrate and spread the Frugal RVing word... and simplification in general. This is likely to become the foundation Philosophy of the whole RV Boondocking site!...

The thing to remember is; Frugal RVing... and frugal living in general ain't got a requirement to be uncomfortable! No Sir!... It's not about flogging yourself in penance... It's really more, at least to my way of thinking, of simply using your time, and what you have, with a little more thought up front... Being a bit more efficient... and squeezing a little more of the good out of a thing...

That right there is the idea... NOT doing less... not sacrificing quality of LIVING... but finding ways to put what I've got to work a bit more efficiently... to IMPROVE... the Life we have... RV Boondocking.

If you stretch your dollars, and your more frugal possessions, a bit more... you don't have to go out and do as much work to replace those you used up... right? :-)

Less work... and more play... gives this Ol' Buster a better Frugal RVing day!... and likely some pretty fine Motorcycle Touring too!

It is my belief that the elimination of a lot of the things I once thought important opens up, as a result of its simplification, the opportunity for some pretty Shining Times... we shall see!

The plan with this page is to chronicle, over the coming months, my efforts to achieve a Frugal RVing lifestyle... I've talked about it elsewhere on the site... and I've never been an 'out of control' shopper... but my attention is solidly captured these days... by a much greater interest in finding ways to do more... with less...

I'm hoping to focus this page a bit sharper than all my prior mental meandering... to present a clear picture of a Motorcycling Cowboy's way of Frugal RVing...

Keep watching to see if I accomplish the goal! :-)

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