A Frugal Income is a Major Requirement of a Frugal RV Boondocking Lifestyle

It's the truth... at least a Frugal Income is still a necessity for Frugal RVing... ain't it?

For me, being at the total mercy of 'employers' just doesn't allow me to relax... I always seem to worry that the bossman is gonna figure a way to make a nickle by shippin' me down the road.

If you, like me, are in pursuit of the Dream of a Frugal, Gypsy, RV Boondocking lifestyle... my guess is that you, like me, have taken a whuppin' the past few years and no longer have a lot of dinero to invest in that pursuit!

In these Hard Times, it seems ever harder to hang on to the Dream, let alone continue making a living... Don't it?

Am I right?

Well... how are you gonna do it? How are you gonna take your life... to the Life on the Road, that your Heart aches for... without, at the very least... a Frugal Income?

Like me, you've got to keep on earning a living. Like me, I'm betting, you aren't afraid of... or even dislike... Hard Work.You just want that 'Hard Work' to be something that feeds your Spirit as well as your belly... not the same Ol' drudgery that just drains your Soul of its' Life...

Like Me... You have a Thoreau sort of ambition... to actually LIKE what you do for your Frugal Income... a Dream of Living in a way that stirs your soul... and pushes you out of bed each morning... 'cause you simply can't wait any longer to get to your WORK... not your Job...but, the Work that is the joy of your Life! :-)

The WORK that IS your Life! (uh... outside of your Family of course!) :-)

If you've got the Dream of Yondering... I'm also betting that you possess a Creative Soul... Those two Characteristics, Yondering and Creativity, seem to coexist in people an awful lot.

Wouldn't it be sweet, to be able to produce the Frugal Income you need... right there in your Mountain RV Boondocking Camp? or... if you're not a traveler... right there at Home! What a Shining Dream that is! To make your living, marketing your creativity, whatever it might be, right there from your RV Home! An incomparable Shining Joy!

... or... better yet... Make that Frugal living not from marketing things you Create, but directly from Your Knowledge and Experience!

Think About it!...

How about... you Teach Other Folks... what, You already Know, about whatever that Passion in Your Heart is?

Are you an Artist?... a Writer?... Dog Trainer with a 'Special Touch'?... Woodworker?... Collector?... Radio Operator?...Bird Watcher?... Traveler?... Beader?... Teacher?... Painter? DIY Handyman? Fly Tying Expert?...

... I could go on listing Passions and Skills without end. What are Yours? I'll bet you've got more than one.

Do a quick "Google" for whatever your passion is... whatever it is that you - ALREADY - know so much about...

Go on, I'm serious... Do It!... I'll wait...

tick... tick... tick... tick... tick....

.... Back so soon? What did you find?

I'd bet you found that Thousands... even MILLIONS of people, all over the world are Searching for the information that is YOUR PASSION ... didn't you?

Those good folks are searching for you! They are looking for Someone they can trust...to give 'em some honest answers...and some honest information.

I found the same thing... and so have a lot of other people... but... what did I do with that knowledge? For a long time... not much... Until, I discovered SBI!... the Company that is FAR MORE - than just a Webhost...

I've now started two websites, the site you are visiting now and MTFR ... both of which are growing, and contibuting to our Frugal Income. My third is in the planning stages and will be started soon... ( I have more than one Passion!)

It's not been easy... but the surprising thing for me, is how great a joy, the writing of my websites has become.

My websites, started with the pursuit of a Frugal Income in mind, have become an unexpected, shining joy along the trail I've been following. That they are contributing a steadily increasing part of our Frugal Income is icing on the cake for me!

How could it get better? I finally have the WORK that I have always wanted. WORK that is my Passion... and it is becoming ever more profitable... I don't expect to get rich... not sure I even want to... How-some-ever, I know that if I keep on putting in the work the rewards will continue and improve.

It is paying me a nice part of our Frugal Income. It is my WORK... that goes with me... where ever, and when ever, we go yondering!

It is, Shining Times!

It there a Passion you'd like to share?... Do you have the Knowledge, and Experience... Millions of other people are SEARCHING for?

Information for which you can earn a Frugal Income?

... So... Why are you keeping it... the Best of Who You are... to Yourself?... When you could be putting your Knowledge to work... in a way that You control... and in a way that puts a great Joy and satisfaction into your life?... While making a contribution to your Frugal Income... at the same time.

Believe in Yourself! Start preparing, start building NOW... If not Now?... When?

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