Shining up Your Travel Photography

Is the enjoyment you get from Travel Photography one of the motivations that sends you off RV Boondocking?

Maybe you wander by Plane, Train or Motorcycle? It could even happen on a Boat, Horse, or on Foot!

By what ever way you get your traveling done... packing space is at a premium ain't it? Especially for your Travel Photography equipment.

Are you NOT a pro Photographer... and don't want to be? ... But still... you're possessed of a strong desire to improve the quality of the photographs from your travels?

Are you searching for creative ways to use the prints your Photography creates? ... as well as new ways to make those memories a shining part of your everyday life?

Is it your desire to prevent them from simply being added to the growing volume of old, forgotten, memories already swelling boxes cluttering up the crowded closets in your Ol' RV or Cabin?

I'm working at collecting a healthy supply of answers to these and other questions, and making them available, at your convenience, right here.

Everything from technical photography tips on exposure, composition, and equipment, to artistic inspiration for framing your best Photographs, Scrap booking ideas and Journal and Post Card building.

Too many people are either intimidated by the technology... or don't think about it at all. The result is some missed opportunities to really capture the spirit of their RV Boondocking experiences and their Travel Photography.

It's my intention to see what I can do about changing some of that! :-) If I can 'save' just one innocent Photograph from the agony of the closet box... it's worth all the effort! :-)

It's really not that tough... All it takes is a bit of thought up front... The more you use that information, the more you'll see how well it works... and then your abilities will grow right along with your confidence.

I don't want to hear anyone sayin'; "I don't have any artistic ability"... Baloney... If you know enough to not mix plaid with stripes you know enough to create good Photographs ... and if you didn't... you do now! So let's get to work making some good pictures of our RV Boondocking!

There's a hell of a lot of work to be done... so keep on checkin' in on occasion to see what I've found and added to the RV Travel Photography pages.

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