Why Should I Get an E-reader?

By Carson Ward

What are the benefits of a modern e-reader?

This is a question we honestly don't get very often, partially because the benefits seem obvious. Obviously you can consolidate several bookshelves full into a tiny little electronic device. That's the obvious benefit, but until you've owned one there are some benefits you may not have considered.

Most readers contain a

number of features that make reading more enjoyable. Increasing font size with the click of a button can be very handy if you've forgotten your reading glasses, or even if your eyes are just getting tired. The display on e-readers is not displayed with back-lighting like LCD monitors are, and the e-ink is much easier on the eyes.

Have you ever noticed how you feel tied to a paper book? You can't just set it down while you take a drink, or leave it sitting on the counter without a bookmark - which I always lose. With an e-reader, you can set it down at a moment's notice, then pick it up and continue reading where you left off.

Maybe you want to read two books rather than reading one book straight through. With an electronic reader, you have access to an entire library of books without having to drag an entire library of books around. That's really going to save your back when you move into a new home. Or maybe you get involved in a conversation, and want to share a quote from your favorite writer. Rather than flipping through page after page looking, you can just use the "find" feature and look for certain phrases or keywords. If you plan ahead a little, you can go directly there with as many bookmarks, highlights, and notes as you want.

Saving your place is nothing compared to the money you save. E-books are usually much less expensive than the real thing, and they're not going to wear down and get all yellow and torn over time, no matter how often you read them. In fact, your license is stored online, so you never lose your book. And hey, you save a few trees from becoming paper while you save the green kind of paper.

Maybe you think that you don't read enough to justify buying an electronic reader. First of all, shame on you! Did you know that people who read more books succeed more at work at make more money? It's true. Readers are also more active in attending events, whether recreational, charity-related, etc. People who read actual books are more independent and innovative in their thinking. The point is that reading more is good for your brain. Oh, and readers are less likely to develop some brain diseases like Alzheimer's. Yes, I have sources for this on the original page. Rants about reading aside, you might read more if it were more convenient for you.

If you aren't the kind to read books (shame!), you can also read blogs, newspapers, articles, and more from the Kindle. You can also take a quote from anywhere and post it right on your Twitter or Facebook page with e-readers like the Kindle. I know there have been many occasions where I wanted to share what I was reading with friends, but I only rarely get to show them the quote from a book.

In case you are a bad reader (in which case you need to improve your reading skills with an e-reader!) here is the short of it: E-books are

  • portable
  • affordable
  • searchable
  • readable
  • and
  • packed with features that make them absurdly convenient

Article Source: Why Should I Get an E-reader?

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