Work Kamping comes in many variations for Full-time RVing

Work kamping, Workamping, Work camping; Whichever spelling you use, it's the subject of a fair number of the emails I get from readers of Goin' RV Boondocking. A whole lot of RVers who really want to experience RV living, full time, worry whether they can make a go of it or not.

Something along the lines of, "We'll be going full-time in our motorhome in about a year. How can we make the extra money we'll need? Being only 50 we can't draw

Social Security yet and we're sure our savings won't be enough. Any ideas?"

Seems that a lot of folks see money as the roadblock keeping them from their dreams. I don't think it should be. It's only an obstacle. Don't let money rule your life. I absolutely hate the thought of that! I realize in our world money is a necessity. But, it is only a necessary evil. Don't let it own you!

You like challenges don't you? Find a way to get around this obstacle!

It all goes back to the fact that, unfortunately for lazy buggers like me, Life ain't free! However you cut it, you have to be prepared to pay the freight. But you can do it. I know you can.

You always have haven't you? You always will.

If you're fortunate enough, or were wise and disciplined enough, (you do understand, that ain't me, right?) you may have a big enough stake, already set aside, so that you can pursue those things that feed your spirit, with no need for work kamping.

You lucky buggers can go fishing now .... the rest of us will keep on workin' out this work kamping thing!

Those of us that for one reason or another aren't in that position will have to keep on work kamping, at jobs on the road, to make ends meet, and that's OK.

Something else goes hand in hand with this deal. It's an important piece of the puzzle.

There's more to work kamping than just working. If you can whittle down your cost of living a bit, you can lighten the load a mite. My thinking is this. If I reduce the supplemental income I need, I reduce the amount of work kamping I have to do to produce it....

I are one purty smart feller ain't I !

Along with planning on work kamping to make what supplemental income we'll need we (Heidi and I) are working to reduce the cash requirements of our cost of living. To me this means simplify, simplify, simplify. That ain't so awful hard for a work a day Cowboy. We're not much used to a lot of soft livin' anyway!

So we'll be on the road with ZERO debt. We'll travel slow, burning a minimum of fuel and putting minimal wear and tear on the rig. We'll Boondock as much as possible. Both because I just prefer it and because FREE, dispersed camping on National Forest is a lot cheaper than paying for crowded RV campgrounds!

I've also installed solar power which will reduce our ongoing energy costs. I consider all these things to be a part of the whole work kamping package. Each benefits the other.

So where are you at now? The debt is cleared. You've adopted a go slow way of RV Boondocking. You live in a simplifed and frugal way. Your income requirements have been reduced, by the maximum amount, in a reasonable way. But don't cut out so much you turn a good thing into an ordeal. Moderation is the key here.

Now, on to the work kamping. What've you got for options?

There's a truck load of "traditional" options. You'll find several sites that work as clearing houses for work kamping jobs. Maybe the two most prominent are: and

From these sites you can locate a lot of Camp Host opportunities that offer either a free site or a site and low wages. I emphasize "low wages" because if you're not already aware, the wages are usually in the vicinity of minimum wage. The hours are usually low as well so you're pretty even! You don't have to work very hard and you don't get paid much!

But, that free RV site, usually with some hookups, in an area you want to explore a while, can really help cut your expenses .... While an extra few hundred a month won't hurt will it? I need to tell you, this sort of work kamping, to my mind, really works best in combination with frugal living.

These sites are also a source of retail seasonal jobs in resorts, National Parks and the like. A lot of these jobs also provide subsidized campsites. Do a google and I'm sure you can find others.

A good number of folks do it a little different. They "monetize" the skills they developed over their "working" lives by way of temporary services such as Manpower. Since they don't have to make a long term commitment they can go into an area that interests them, and spend maybe a couple months work kamping part time to kick in the extra $$ they need.

When they're ready to move on, all they need do is remove themselves from availability with the temporary service. It's a pretty simple thing, when done properly, to reactivate your availability in a new area. Work a while, travel a while. Pretty good way don't you think?

Maybe, work through the winters down south somewhere, saving up your travel stake for the next summer season of traveling?

Not your cup of tea? Me too.... but then I hate tea! There are more possibilities.

This is where a good imagination can be helpful.

Are you good at scouring the garage sales and flea markets for collectibles and antiques? You could sell your finds through the ebay auctions. This will require one of the various forms of internet access available to RVers, but you'll likely want that anyway won't you?

Are you good at sales? There are a number of RV related advertising programs available to traveling work kampers.

The last possibility that comes to mind is RV Transport. Companies like Horizon Transport contract with manufacturers to deliver new RV's to customers. Folks like us can contract with Horizon (and others) to deliver those new rigs with our tow vehicles. You can work part time to full time. There is a lot of flexibility here.

Since you're here looking for ideas about how to make money RVing, I am sure you already appreciate the fantastic life that RV Living offers. Don't stop your search for RV Jobs just because I haven't managed to list the idea here.

Always remember there's more than one way to separate that Ol' Kitty from her hide. Maybe you've got an idea nobody else ever thought of before. Run with it!

Mix a little elbow grease in with your imagination. Blend in a little luck and season with some persistence. I know the result you'll come up with, will be the answer, to the work kamping question, you've been looking for.

Keep Goin' RV Boondocking with some imaginative Work Kamping!

Do you have some personal passion, interest or knowledge? Knitting? Wood carving? Commodity trading? Management skills? Geo-caching? Metal Detecting? Fly fishing? Parenting?

Do the 'standard' Workamping options not tickle your particular fancy? Do you want something that's just a mite more stimulating?

Here's a short story of the personal choice I made, in search of an alternative workamping income.

***A few, more workamping ideas for some RVing Income possibilities came to mind, so I thought I'd just list them all here and hopefully stir your work kamping imagination a little more.

Work Kamping Possibilities

*Mobile RV Repair
*RV Caravan Tail Gunner
*Camp Host

  • Government
  • Private campground
*RV Air brush mural artist?
*Accounting/bookeeping/taxes - by remote computer
*Free lance writer
  • Magazines
  • Local newspaper columns
*How to e-book publishing .... whatever special skills or talents you might have....
  • Sewing
  • Quiliting
  • Photography tips
  • Small business management
  • RV cook books
  • Dog training
  • ? what are your special skills?
*RV Re-Upholstery? Carry your machine(s) in your rig like CJ at Wandering Quilter?
*Collectible trading ....via ebay?
*RV transport driver (Delivering to Dealers with your tow vehicle)
*Seasonal Resort Employment
  • National Park Concessionaire
  • Private resorts
  • Area businesses surrounding "Destination" areas
*Seasonal Fishing Guide ... in your favorite area?
*Seasonal Hunitng Guide .... in your favorite area?
*Craft/art sales at fairs and events? .... are you a talented artist or crafts person?
  • Wood carving
  • Painting
  • Jewelry
  • ???
*Rare/used book "hunter" - ebay again?
*Automotive paint chip repair - a friend of mine does this $85+- per car!
*Windshield chip repair
*Computer consulting/tech/troubleshooting
  • Dog events
  • Equine events
  • Stock photo agencies
*Paint street addresses on the curb!
*Manpower - Temporary employment agencies

Think on it .... there is an idea that will fit your work kamping needs and personality like a glove. All you need to do is find it!

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