The Road I traveled to Building a Workamping Website!

A Workamping Website would allow you to remodel your life and take to your RV wheels!

How? Do you have a couple minutes?

Is it your dream to live a gypsy life, wandering wherever your heart takes you? Are you too 'young' for retirement? or... like me, probably too poor to ever 'Retire' :-)

Is money the only thing holding you back; The need to have an income?

Solo Build It! Monthly Billing Option
It was the same for us! Not being rich, and having a huge pile of cash sitting in a bank somewhere, we require some sort of portable income.

I looked at all the available options and none were to awfully inspiring to a mountain cowboy... let's face it... taking a job as a retail clerk in some National Park Gift Shop ain't a whole lot different than the Farm and Ranch store I've been working since we left the ranch.

Camp Hosting for the most part, doesn't appear to provide much in the way of workamping income... If all you need to do is cut your expenses a mite it would work fine... but if you also need the cash to buy groceries and such, most camp host jobs aren't gonna be up to the task...

(***Hmmm... in combination with a Workamping Website you just might have a sweet package!)

There seem to be a few 'Sales' jobs, selling advertising and other such 'products' to campgrounds and/or people in general... but that's something that doesn't appeal to this child... not even a little bit...

Pretty picky for a poor boy ain't I?

So... where does that leave us?

Heidi has a fine little store... but we sure can't haul that along with us! We can, and will, put an onsite manager in place, and manage as 'absentee owners' from the road... but the cost of that will knock down our income from the store a good bit... so we still need to replace that 'good bit' to meet our pretty frugal budget.

So... we were still left, wanting a life, different than the one we have had, but not really knowing how to get it done. The need is, not to have a big pile of cash, but simply a 'cash flow' to live on. The same as a 'normal' job... only... a job we can take with us... work at where we are... and get paid for our work.

What we were looking for was a realistic, viable workamping income alternative!

The first fuzzy thoughts of a Workamping website were starting to form... though they weren't even clear enough to recognize yet.

It had to be something that doesn't take a whole lot of tools... storage space is at a premium in an RV... We all know that! So ... what?

I knew it wouldn't be a quick and easy deal... and at the time I knew it might take a couple years of 'developement'... but I was ready to get started! All I had to do was figure out... What?

I was sitting there, scheming one day... tapping my fingers on the desk.... sippin' on a cup of coffee while I stared out the window... trying to conjure up a 'brainstorm'... my eyes slowly settled onto that electronic gizmo sitting in front of me... my laptop!

CLICK!!!! It's been sitting right in front of me the whole time! Millions of people all over the world are doing the same thing I am... surfing around looking for ... whatever.... But... and this was a BIG but... how was I going to make any sort of an income from that?

The hazy, foggy, vision, of some sort of a Workamping Website, was starting to get a bit clearer as it floated around in the back of that grey mush between my ears.

I started my hunt... I knew, for a sure and certain fact, that there had to be a way to tap into the billions being made by Microsoft, Google, eBay, and all the rest... there was something hidden in this internet that was paying their bills... my task was to find some legitimate, honorable, little corner of the 'net', from which I could squeeze out the meager little income we required... with a Workamping Website.

I don't know how long I looked... weeks... maybe even a couple months... but all I was finding was get rich quick schemes and really hollow sounding promises of easy money... mostly just the kind of businesses where they 'churn' subscribers. They have no idea of actually selling a good product... they just want that 'first month' fee... then when you get weary, frustrated, and quit... they just sell another 'first month' to the next guy... They just keep 'churning' the market.

I had no confidence in their ability to actually help me produce a reliable Workamping Website income.

Now... I'm sure you already know about that baloney... If they promise you a free lunch... grab your wallet and run... 'cause it's most likely a con of some sort! All they want is your money... and the likelihood of fulfilling any 'promise' they made is right up there with the gas passed by politicians on the stump... sounds all flowery and sweet... but smells bad and is mostly, only a bunch of noise designed to separate you from your cash... little intention of actually performing on the promises.

Somewhere along in that search, I stumbled across Solo Build It!... to be honest... I didn't trust their promises at first... They promised that I need not know one darn thing about computer programming... that they would take care of that... I got a good grip on my wallet... but... there came no GRQ! promises... what they said was the exact opposite! I had to have something I was passionate about. Something I had considerable experience with and knowledge of.

I was told; That if I had that, and a willingness to commit to a goodly period of hard work... they would do their 'part' (the computer part) and together we would succeed at building my Workamping Website... What they were saying was completely different than ANYTHING, any of the other Webhost companies had presented to me.

Solo Build It! sounded like the kind of company I thought I was looking for.

But I was untrusting, and kept looking, kept reading... I searched out other Workamping Website alternatives, but found NONE. I kept coming back to Solo Build It! and looking into more of their program... I kept looking for the proof that they were just like the rest and all I kept finding were more and more PROOFS that they actually were different! Actually backing up what they promised.

There are several FREE DOWNLOADS that go into the program in depth... which I downloaded and read.... more PROOF.

I looked at the cost of the entire Workamping Website program offered by Solo Build It! and found that it was only a couple dollars more per month than a couple of the other 'big name' webhosts... yet Solo Build It! provides a complete set of Site Building Tools that the 'others' did not... while still keeping their cost, below the highest priced webhosts! (who, basically, only rent you server space)

Finally, there comes a point where you have to make a decision. When you've done all your research, and their bona fides check out, you have to make a choice. You've either got to say NO and go do something else, or ask: "Where do I sign up?" and get to work.

Bottom line? You found this workamping website site didn't you? It came up pretty high in the Google 'search results' right?

How did a mountain cowboy... with no computer knowledge or training, build a website whose pages consistently achieve top twenty positions in Google searches you ask?

Wanna know?

The answer is: I did what Solo Build It! guided me to do.... and Solo Build It! did EXACTLY what they promised. As decisions go, it's been one of the best I've ever made. The past two years have been a shining journey, and I've never looked back.

Thanks to Solo Build It! and my Workamping Website, I have a growing hope for the future!

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