RV Cartoons to Temper Reality With a Lil' Biker Cowboy Psychosis

Drawing RV Cartoons is a new medium for this Ol' Buster though the doodling itself isn't.

I've penciled slapstick pictures since I was a boy. It seemed like if I was sitting for any length of time with a pencil or pen and a scrap of paper within reach I almost unconsciously began scribbling cartoon faces and "situations".

... Usually about something that'd been going on around me.

That habit never died, it's only lain dormant for a good number of years.

*Disclaimer* I don't claim to be a skilled or professional artist... ONLY a doodler! So the pro cartoonists don't need to feel any threat to their livelihood!

A short time ago a random comment was made... which led to a fresh "scribble" which planted the seed of an idea... which grew...

... and here I am... diving in and publishing my RV Cartoons...

No matter what the subject a person with a pencil in their hand is sketching, their doodles and cartoons are just another form of story telling trying to get out.

My Cartoons are inspired by the everyday situations that have confronted every RVer as well as those that are the stuff of RV legend.

I don't suppose they were considered real funny for those involved at the time... but that's the grace of time...

... Given enough of it, You can look back and laugh.

Now If you've been searching for fine art ~keep looking~ You haven't found it here! My drawings are something... but I'm confident that they'll never be accused of being fine art.

I won't be holding to any rigid schedule but I'm hoping a new cartoon will be published every week or so. It'll pretty much depend on whether the combination of my inspiration and ambition is sufficient to create something worthwhile at the time.

The thoughts behind my sketches are many; To entertain, to express thoughts and opinions tempered with a bit of humor and to pass on a few hard won wisdoms.

I'm hopeful my doodles will hang at least a smile or two on your face; maybe even produce an occasional laugh... and hopefully tickle the people who see them to think a bit about the nonsense we seem to get too cranked up about.

The sketches you'll find on this page over the coming months and years are dedicated to the unique and entertaining individuals, pushing their rigs of all types and sizes down the road...

... that produce the inspirations for doodlers like me.

The names and the rigs have been changed to protect the innocent!

All those pictured are composites of the many that have found themselves in these situations.

These RV Cartoons are NOT the stories of any particular Individual or place... so sue somebody else! Besides, you'd probably double your income walking through parking lots picking up pennies rather than trying to squeeze me for some imagined defamation! ;)


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