A Cruiser Motorcycle is a Sweet Ride for Your RV Boondocking Daytrips

Combining my V Star Cruiser Motorcycle with our Fifth Wheel has been one of the best decisions I've made in this journey.

There's no words to describe the feeling you get, on a beautiful day, on the open road, winding through the Rockies on a fine machine... The engine throbbin' under you, The sun shining off the mountains... The wind in your hair... uhhhh... OK... unlike me... some folks do still Have hair...

Just 'cause I gotta wear a hat to keep my bald Ol' pot from cookin' is no reason to snicker!

anyway... back to the wind in your hair... it's the mechanized definition of Shining Times! A joy without a superior.

When I brought Slick... my Yamaha V Star Motorcycle home, after having gone too many years without a bike, That bike quickly reminded me, just how much I'd missed the Freedom of the Road, that you can only find on a Motorcycle.

Sweeten that Freedom, with the extra good fuel economy you get with a fine Cruiser... add up the cost of fuel these days... and then subtract the fuel your Motorcycle didn't burn... and you'll agree, you've hit the Jackpot!

Hmmm... wonder if that economy is what the huge surge in bike sales, the past few years, has been about... or just that somebody let the secret out; just what a joy they are to ride!

After spendin' as much time as I have on the saddle of my bike the past two years... (nearly 14,000 miles) workin' at modifyin' the rig to carry the bike... and talkin' about Motorcycles in general, I finally figured it was time that I oughta give 'em their own section on the website...

After all, a Scooter is about the finest Recreational Vehicle around! :-)

I also thought it was an especially shiny idea, considerin' that a consequence of acquirin' that Yamaha V Star Motorcycle has been the unexpected motivation to start a whole new website dedicated 100% to Motorcycle Touring!

So... While I'll continue to add some material here, mostly things that would relate Motorcycles to RVers in general, and RV Boondocking in particular... the majority of my Motorcycle writing will be posted over on my number two website;

*Click on the Picture or here to go there*

Be sure to check it out!

Then... If you've got any interest in using Motorcycles as the absolute best RV Toad! or Cruiser Motorcycles in general... look around here once in a while too... I'm hopin' to put something in one of the two places to tickle your Cruiser Motorcycle fancy.

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