Winters Are for Dreaming
The RV Destinations Yet to Come

You know, contrary to what some might think, Wal Mart is not among the RV Destinations at the top of my list. They can be useful along the way, but they are not the goals of my RV travels.

Those goals are places like Yellowstone, Zion, Yosemite, The Olympic Peninsula and Glacier National Park!

Now, as they wander along, lots of RVers will just pull into the best looking RV park they come to at the end of the day. They pay their $30 or so and call it good.

If you've looked through this site much, you already know that that, is not my preferred way. I will, on occasion, use a commercial park, but I much prefer the National Forests. Either in a NF campground, without any hookups, or dispersed camping, parked in a likely, beautiful spot, out in the woods, or maybe on the beach.

Can't you just see a bowlegged, busted up Ol' bronc stomper strolling down the sand along the Pacific Ocean .... in Sunglasses, polo shirt, knee high riding boots and red plaid bermuda shorts? ... Go ahead and imagine it .... but that ain't me! That's some RV Sightseeing you're never gonna' see!

Seeking out RV Destinations and RV Boondocking camps, in country new and strange to us could be a worry. It isn't so easy to find such a place, late in the afternoon. They just aren't publicised much. At least the good, dispersed camping locations aren't.

Not to worry though. It's a pretty simple thing to plan your 'Days End' stop for a National Forest Campground. Those are listed in several easily available locations. From the U.S. Forest Service website, to various maps and publications, you can find those campgrounds with relative ease.

I'd say, by comparison to the going rate at RV Parks, they're also relatively inexpensive. They give Heidi and I the day or two we need, to scout the area for a good, boondocking campsite, to set up a camp from which we can daytrip out into the surrounding area of sight seeing Destinations.

Many times, we just go ahead and stay right there in the National Forest Campground or sometimes State Parks for the duration. Out on the Pacific Coast, for instance, the good places seem to me to be predominantly occupied by State Parks or National Forest campgrounds.

If you want to "camp" on the beach, as one of your travel Destinations, you just about have to utilize one of them. That's fine. They're mostly darn pretty places anyway, so it isn't to awful much of a sacrifice!

We spent a superb visit on the North coast of Oregon a few years ago at Cape Lookout State Park, south west of Tillamook. Our site was a hundred, maybe a hundred and fifty yards from the beach sand. Being early risers, we'd get up and be out walking, with the dogs, along at least three miles of tide pools, on a gorgeous beach, long before anyone else had rolled out of bed.

As beautiful as it was, at the height of the day, it never got what I considered crowded. I don't mind spending a couple dollars now and again for RV Destinations like that. I'm real sensitive to such things. I cannot tolerate a crowd!

We'd just planned on it being an overnight stop in a nice place, but as it turned out, it was such a superb spot it's one of the RV Destinations we intend to return to. I'm thinking that's what you should do as well.

Stay flexible as you wander from destination to destination. You may just find a few unexpected locations along the way. That place in Oregon was up a narrow two lane road we almost didn't take. What a loss that would have been for us!

So let your gypsy nature loose now and again. You'll be rewarded by what you find. How could you do without Butchart Gardens,

Butchardt Gardens

or Polebridge Mercantile in Montana?

Polebridge Mercantile Montana

This page will be the index page where I will post the RV Destinations we "discover" in our travels, as well as some of the good areas we track down for RV Boondocking camps. Hopefully, we can add a few places to those found by the RVers who have rolled through before.

I'll fill in a place or two from past travels, but most of the RV Destinations here will be added in our, soon to begin, RV Boondocking Full-time Travels.

Quartzsite - A Winter RV Home

RV Boondocking to Mesa Verde National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park... One of the Countries Crown Jewels

Tell the Story
of One of Your RV Destinations

Not ever'body has been ever'where! And, even those of us that have been where you have gone... didn't manage to see what you did!

But there's a way you can share that story...and hopefully a picture of that RV Destination you enjoyed.

Following this Link will take you to the page where you can easily do just that!

There's a spot that will offer you the opportunity to post a picture with your story. Remember to tell us what the picture is about!

I know everyone can't wait to hear about your travels... What are you waiting for?

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