Your RV Accessories
Are Your Camp Furniture

RV accessories are the goods that; back in an elk or cow camp were the things that I commonly heard called; "camp furniture".

I'm not talking only the chairs that you sit at your tables with.

All Your RV Add-ons, from the Weber Grill to your Leveling blocks fall into the category that I refer to by that name.

All the miscellaneous bits and pieces that aren't bolted to or built in as part of your rig are furniture. They are the RV gadgets, RV add-ons and all the portable and movable bits of camp you have to find a place for and pack up every time you move your RV camp.

RV cargo such as BBQ grills, camp chairs, coffee makers, folding tables, even your Ipod and the portable propane bottles for your grill in my mind fit this collection of goods.

Anything, if it's not connected permanently to the RV would fall into this category.

The cabinets, couch and awning are bolted to the walls. Changing them out would fall into the RV remodeling category.

If you have to pack up those RV trinkets, put away those RV add-ons, move 'em from where they're stored to where you're going to use them... Then those RV gadgets are Furniture.

Picking the right bits and pieces is gonna help your camp shine. Hauling along the wrong add-ons is only going to add weight and complication that does nothing to polish your RV Boondocking

Choose your accoutrements wisely! ;)

Below you'll find all my articles on anything that I've figured in my feeble lil' mind fit into the "Camp furniture" category.

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