A BBQ Grill Guard Lets Your Portable BBQ Grill Defy the Wind

We found our BBQ Grill Guard while we were walking around the show in Quarzsite a couple of winters ago. It took us a couple days after seeing it, before we decided to pony up the price.

Have you ever struggled against the wind to get your BBQ grill to just warm your supper up hot enough to it choke down, let alone getting it properly and fully cooked? Yup, me too. But then I discovered a solution, and it really works!

After checking the price of quality sheet aluminum, adding in the cost of cutting it out, hinges and pins, working out the size and dimensions...

... and a few more days enduring a cooking wrecking wind while remembering the guy showing me the heat boost of his simple lil' invention with a laser temperature gun...

I chose to not try and build one myself, and sprung for the thin lil' addition to our camp furniture.

Thin and light as it is you'll have little trouble finding some place to carry it.

There's no assembly for you to do... just peel off the protective plastic and start using it. I use it with both my Coleman two burner and most often our "Current" Camp BBQ, our Weber Grill.

Setup in camp is easy. Just lay it down... lift the sides and set the retention wired pins in place.

BBQ Grill guard

If you use a throw away bottle it fits right inside. If like me you use a 20# bottle with your Weber Grill the hose to your bulk bottle fits right through a small gap designed in, where the sides meet the bottom.

My experience has been nothing but to see it live up to the brag. Several times I hadn't bothered to set it up, and then a breeze came up and I was pushed to remember it. My cooking changed immediately as soon as the grill went into the Grill Guard.

The wind lost its power over my supper! ;)

grill guard logo card

On a few occasions where I set the guard up after not having used it for a bit... I very nearly burnt supper because it cooks so much more efficiently and faster inside the guard! The lil' gizmo works!

I've recently been made aware of a couple of attributes I hadn't truly thought of on my own; What with me being a 1/2 star cook and all. ;)

If you like your steaks properly seared to hold in the juices while the meat finishes cooking, this BBQ Grill Guard allows your grill to achieve the temperature needed to do that! So even if the wind ain't howling, the guard has work to do!

Secondly, the fact that the guard is raising the effective temperature your grill operates at, means you generally turn the heat down most of the time... and that saves propane. Burning even less fuel is a good thing, right?

Bottom line, the cost of this fine lil' bit of camp furniture is defrayed over time by the fuel savings... while you're enjoying better BBQ the whole time.

*Ed. Note* I've got no relationship with this company. I'm just relaying my own experience with it over the last year or more.

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