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The journey of BK Gore to the achievement of an increasingly successful writing career has been a long and largely unseen one.

It wasn't what I set out to do. It's one of those deals where I was following the right path without even knowing it or seeing where it led.

I spent a lifetime doing other things.

From chasing cows and soldiering, to calving, Rodeoing and rustling horses and railroad ties ;) I sold hardware, trained horses, wasted nights brawling in the taverns, birthed lambs, framed houses, and carved leather.

I fought, I cried, I struggled through failure and on occasion prosperity.

Through it all I was building a future I hadn't yet even anticipated.

It never occurred to me that through all those years, when I often wondered just what the hell I was doin'... I was building within me a storehouse of life experiences that would one day provide the raw materials and inspiration from which to carve entertaining stories.

It was back in '67-68 I believe... a place called Palo Verde High School in Tucson. I had an English teacher that opened a window that unknown to me,  burnt a mark into my soul.

Story telling got sizzled into my hide...

I discovered I had a liking and at least some latent talent for spinning a yarn. But it would take a long time for that seed to germinate.

Now, so many years later I've finally comprehended what was going on.  Not to mention the task of learning to put that life experience to work building my stories. It is a work that I've found to be a most joyful thing to my soul.

To spin a tale and have its readers write to you to say how greatly they enjoyed the story is the most rewarding and fulfilling enterprise I've ever engaged in. The feeling inside, when someone tells you the story that came out of your imagination kept them up at night until they'd finished reading is an indescribably fine satisfaction.

Listed here are the mystery and western fiction stories that I've created. The stories of Jeb Taylor and Ben Jensen.

Folks that have never read my work or other authors such as I, have nothing to go on. Should they risk their money as well as their time to read an unknown author? I believe they deserve an opportunity to check out my stories without risking their hard earned income. It's enough that they're willing to risk their far more precious time.

You'll find that the first story of each series has been priced FREE at the retailers that carry my books.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords are all sources to get your first copies of my work. I am confident that once you read that first book you'll want to follow the continuing story.

Let me say now how greatly I appreciate your risking your time, not to mention your dollars with my stories. I shall continue to work hard to improve my skills, earn your trust and ensure that I have not wasted your day.

~ BK Gore

Published Fiction

Jeb Taylor Series:

Book #1 - A Matter of Honor


Book #2 - Heart of a Man


Ben Jensen Series:

Book #1 - A Pair of Second Chances


Book #2 - Shadow on the Mountain

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