The RV Tow Vehicle Options For Making the Best Choice...

"Which rig is the best RV Tow Vehicle?" is a question for which, like a lot of things, the answer is;

... "It depends"... :-)

First thing you have to decide is... what kind of an RV are you gonna tow? You're going to need to pencil yourself out a list of all the "Must Haves" your rig will need to be equipped with.

How big? How Heavy? Is your rig going to be one of the short lil' 18' superlite trailers, you can drag back into the woods with darn near nothing but a Prius?

... or, are you gonna be needful of a 40', four slide, cabin on wheels?... that to be honest, is going to stretch that sweetheart of a Dodge 3500, Cummins powered trailer toter... to the maximum of its capability... and maybe juuuust a mite beyond?... so you need an MDT or HDT?

Maybe you've got something somewhere in between in mind? Like Heidi and I... pulling our 30' Jayco Eagle. That Dodge 3500 Cummins RV tow Vehicle, suited us just fine... right up to the point our finances went south, like happened to a lot of other folks! :-)

So now we're rebuilding with not only the the trailer and capability of the rig in mind... but the capability of our frugal finances as well.

It's a compromise... sometimes I really have the urge to go a lot smaller... sometimes my eyes wander and settle on a sweet, diesel pusher Motor Home... buuuuuut... given enough time... I always seem to come back to our good Ol' Jayco, and a Cummins powered Dodge RV Tow Vehicle draggin' it... It's just worked out over the years as the best 'compromise' for us.

What's the best RV Tow Vechicle for you? ... I've not got any clue! That my friend is a choice only YOU can make!

So... What do I figure your options to be?

Well... as soon as you start lookin', You'll quickly find out the list, with all it's possible variations, can get mighty lengthy! I'll do my best to keep this one short and sweet... It's your job to take it and customize your RV Tow Vehicle, option of choice, into your own personal RV Boondocking variation. :-)

Starting with the smallest and growing larger as we go... my 'List' of RV Towing rig Options are:

#1 a Motorcycle

    - Yup... I know you've seen these pulling small Motorcycle Trailers all over the country!

#2 a car/mini van/ small SUV

    - Pulling a small car camping 'cargo' trailer or Tear Drop

#3 The larger SUV & 1/2 ton Trucks/Gasser rigs

    - Pulling 18 to 24 foot, Light Weight Trailers

#4 The 3/4 & 1 Ton Diesel Pickups/chassis Cabs/Vans

    - Pulling the Larger Bumper Pull/Tag Trailers and the fifth wheel trailers to 34'-36' (getting heavy!)

#5 a Medium Duty Truck (MDT)

    - Pulling the Larger, Heavier Fivers (much better with the 36 footers and larger)

#6 a Heavy Duty Truck (HDT)

    - The Daddy of 'em all, RV Tow Vehicle, towing the Largest and Heaviest Fifth Wheels in complete safety and Comfort!

Like I said up above... somewhere... It's my thought the proper place to start in hunting down your RV Tow Vehicle, Option of choice, is to sketch out just what it is you want/need to tow and/or carry...

...Then, with that picture in your head, you can make a fairly informed and educated selection of the rig that is going to tow you... when you get goin' RV Boondocking!

The last advice I'll give, learned from hard experience... is get what you've got the wherewithall to handle NOW... not what you 'figure' to have in the near future... such faulty thinking slapped me hard when the house Didn't Sell...

...and left us with a heavy debt on the truck for three years... Debt we'd thought would be gone in just a couple months... as soon as the 'SOLD' house closed...

... it turned out to be wishful thinkin' on my part when, what I thought was a "Done Deal"... Collapsed... and an expensive lesson... so, just Be Careful in your choices... OK?

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