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July 22, 2010 07:16 - Brian Has Finally Got His RV Books and Other Stories, Converted to ebooks... and Available at Smashwords!

Yup! I finally lined up my Ducks and got 'em all published through Smashwords! If you have any interest in my RV Boondocking Books, or in my lil' tome of auto-biographical Cowboy Stories you can check out My Profile page at Smashwords.

They're available in several different ee-lek-tronic formats from pdf and kindle to set up for the Sony reader and a few others...

So you can go to my profile page above, or, if you already know what you want you can also go directly to the individual book pages by following any of these links...

RV Boondocking, The Road to the Good Life

RV Boondocking Tips

Horses Critters and Other Tales of a Cowboy's Life

I'm able to sell 'em at a real good price, what with not having any printing or shipping costs... and you get 'em immediately! No need to wait on the Mail!

If you should buy any of 'em, Please, go back and post a review of what ya thought of 'em... OK?

Many Thanks
Brian Gore

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