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January 12, 2011 08:03 - Flying J and Pilot Announce Their New Driver Reward Program

I know a lot of Drivers, professional truckers and RV Drivers have used the Driver Loyalty programs at some of the big Nationwide fuel stops. Over the last couple of years those seem to have fallen off.

I got an email the other day from a representative of Flying J making me aware of their new program. The new 'card'/program should add a little convenience for the fuelers of big rigs as well as RV Travelers. It offers "Pump Start" which will let you use your Discount Card to start the pump if you're paying cash...

Now... if they can just sell diesel that burns at 25 miles per gallon in rigs over 15,000 lbs part of the program... :o) ... hey! a fella can Dream can't he?!

The New Program was supposed to fire up on the 3rd of January 2011...

For all the information check their news release at www.pitchengine.com...

Or... if you're the more Visually oriented sort of an RVer... watch it on You Tube! :o)

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