Adding a place for the cat box is our Custom RV change

by Don
(Pahrump, NV)

This is our solution to a common custom RV modification.

Everyone who travels with a cat has the problem of what to do with the cat box. Gotta have it but it isn't exactly pretty or nice smelling!

We travel in a small travel trailer that, like most RV's, has a dinette rather than a table and chairs. The dinette is backed up against the front of the rig so the area under the bench was pretty difficult to access.

We cut a door out of the bench way back in the corner where it goes unnoticed. (I actually saved the cutout so we could patch it back in when we want to sell the rig.)

I bought some rubber stair covering stuff to line the entire area and put the cat box in the corner away from the door. We are lucky that the floor of this area is rubber floor tile. If it were carpeted I think I'd rip it up and tile it.

Anyway, the cat box is out of sight and mostly out of smell. We do have to clean it daily since it is a rather small area but that's just good to do anyway.

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Feb 14, 2009
... another place to 'hide' it!
by: Brian

Thanks Don!...

Looks like you did 'same' as us... found that 'spot' that's not used or convenient for anything else... but is nigh on to perfect for a kitty pottie! :-) ... and that's the trick in 'adjusting' a rig for yourself, I think.... Letting your imagination see what might could be...


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