by SDW
(Frisco, Tx.)

After many years of research for a rig we could live in. We picked an AMERICANA. It was so far ahead of all the rest of the manufacturers it was a no-brain'er.

Our 2007 37 ft Americana 5'ver came standard with stuff that is just now being offered on other rigs. Now take into consideration that this was back in 2007 that it came with all the exterior lights were led.

It came with a tankless water heater, porcelain toilet, Trailair airbag hitch, airbag suspension, on board air compressor,4 wheel disc brakes, G rated 16 inch tires, 2000 watt inverter, and a solar system.

The frame has weld beads running the length of it to resist twisting, & flexing. It came with double pane windows also.

The airbag suspension eliminates the need to carry boards or blocks for leveling. Just let the air out of one side and put air in the other side to level.

Now here's what i've done to customize an already custom rig.

I changed out the interior 12 volt lights for led's.

I kept the one solar panel but added an AM SOLAR system of 6 panels and 4, 300 amp AGM batteries.

I installed a 24 inch Vizio tv over the bed. I built a side out tray in the washer dryer closet mounted a 110/12 volt freezer. Below that is a slideout garbage can.

I built a sliding water hose reel that's mounted on the ceiling of the basement to save space for the 100 ft of water hose we carry.

Even though I've used extension ladders for 20 years. I don't like the one that comes on rv's. It's not that i mind getting up from one. It's reaching down to my ankles to get a hold of the ladder to get down. So i built a box and mounted it under the front of the fifth wheel that houses a 15 ft telescoping ladder.

15 ft when all the way open, and 3 ft when all the way closed. I can just extend the ladder to 3 ft above the roof and just step off on the roof, and step onto the ladder to get down. (much safer).

The on board 12 volt air compressor fills a 3 gal reserve tank with a connection to attach a hose to the tank on it.

I bought a retractable 50 ft air hose reel at Walmart for $50 bucks and mounted it next to the tank. Now i can fill the tires on the truck or rig, or the air bags on the truck, or the airbag hitch.

I installed 12 volt led colored lighting under the rig for night time ambiance.

I've installed a rearview camera, and a camera on the left and right side, so i can see if I'm about to run over something when backing up.

I have a rearview mirror that's also a monitor for the rear camera, and two small monitors mounted on the dash on either side of the steering wheel for the side cameras. These also assist when changing lanes.

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Nov 02, 2016
More useful pics please
by: Pam

Hello there. My hubs and I are searching for a 5th wheel for full-timing and hoping to get started late spring next year.

I found this site and am finding some VERY useful info. I do wish more pics were added to show the completed upgrades/renovations.

Thanks for your useful site. I'll keep coming back to see what's new!!

Feb 02, 2016
by: SDW

Thanks Jeff
Back in the 90s when I started researching RVs.
We had joined Escapees and I was looking through
their magazine and in the very back among all the advertizers there was a 1 inch ad with their website on it. So wanting to know everything about
rving I checked it out. They are in Elkhart, Id.
and they build their own frame with their specifications and then take it down the street to Forest River, and it goes down the Cardinal line of 5th wheels, and becomes a Cardinal, then it goes back to them and they add all those things, like disc brakes, tankless water heater, air bag suspension, etc. All this stuff is standard with no additional charge. And they were cheaper than the other high end 5th wheels out there, because they don't show them at shows are sell them to dealers who then add on their markup. They sold them in Elkhart, and they had at an rv lot in Bullhead city, AZ. Because that is a big snowbird area. Each year they would bring demo models out there and you could walk through them, if you wanted one you could order it, and get it in about 6 months. Each year they would sell the Demo models to make room for the new demos. So we went out there and bought this 37 foot. The demos are sold for about 10 thousand less than the one you order. That was in 2008. A couple of years back they moved to Michigan. And now they sell them out of there and Elkhart. Their 5th wheels are made for Fulltimer's

Feb 01, 2016
Sounds Great
by: Jeff

I'm not familiar with Americana but it sure sounds like you picked a winner!

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