Ahhhhh- - - Mountain View, AR (Ozarks) in Oct-Nov

by carroll
(Columbus, NM)

White Water RV Park, Our Favorite Park in Arkansas

White Water RV Park, Our Favorite Park in Arkansas

Bring your own RV chairs, or maybe use a couple of the 100+ "town's chairs" around the Stone Co. (Mountain View, AR) Courthouse and enjoy free music. Usually for 8-9 months each year there are 8 to 20 clusters (maybe 2-12 musicians each cluster) of musicians scattered around the courthouse and across the street(s) in businesses "yards", on the corners and many times in several RV Pks w/in walking distance of MV, AR. All musicians are welcome to participate and/or go to another cluster (or start your own individual-"act" or cluster group). Anybody play a harmonica, sweet potato, fiddle?

Our favorite RV Pk is Whitewater RV Pk(WWRP) 3 short blocks from the courthouse (many blocks in MV are only 3-4 small family homes on each side of the street). WWRP has the "Gathering Place" (outdoor pavilion w/roof, partial rails and chairs for several musicians). We RVers can hear the singers/musicians from our RVs, join in w/our instrument or bring over a couple of our RV chairs and enjoy the musicians. Or, WWRP has an enclosed "Pickin' Shed" with chairs for rainy days, cool evenings (heated bldg), and a/c for warm/humid days. How does this weather report for MV, AR sound: Oct-av high: 74F & av low: 46 AND Nov-av high: 60 & av low: 37. Ref:http://countrystudies.us/united-states/weather/ Where can you get better temperatures and free music?? "Q", AZ in Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar-------

In addition MV,AR has reasonable priced admissions for the Ozark Folk Center, Taylors' "Sons of the Ozarks", Brickshy (i.e. 1-brick shy of a full load), "Leathernecks", Cash's "Hoedown", AR Folk Festival, free-Beanfest (free pinto beans & cornbread---for ALL), Bluegrass Festival, free-"Car Show" (bring your '57 Chevy, 39 Plymouth street-rod, etc), free-"Outhouse race", Jimmy Driftwood Barn (weekends only with a donation jar passed around the audience), etc. J. Driftwood wrote 6000 songs and had 300+ published, such as: "North to Alaska", "Sink the Bismarck", "I'm Too Young to Marry", "Banjer Pickin' Man", "Tennessee Stud", "Battle of New Orleans" to name a few of his more famous songs.

Even the Senior Center's lunch program has free music at least once a week (several seniors dance).

See you there from early Oct to after mid/late-Nov.

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