An Ultimate Campgrounds Website

by SDW

For all you boon dockers out there. Yes, you too cowboy.

If you're looking for campsites and campgrounds. The absolute best source is "THE ULTIMATE CAMPGROUNDS" Website.

Just go there, click on full map near the top. Then zoom in and drag the map to the area you're looking to camp in.

The further you zoom in the more details and icons you get. Just click on an icon to get all the info on that campground.

I personally like to go to Google Earth and put a map tack on that location and copy and past the info from the icon over to the map tack-note pad.

I now have tons of map tacks in all the states I'm interested in visiting.

The cool thing about Google Earth is you can email yourself a view of Google Earth and download it to your computer and use it off line. That way when you're out of wifi range you can still go on earth and click on a map tack to get the info you need from a particular campground.

If you know how to use "Earth" like I do you can change the color of the map tacks, make them larger or smaller, change the color of the titles of the map tacks and much more.

I've used this setup by making map tacks that have electric hookups green. Boon docking sites map tacks red; and ones that have dump sites I change the title color to yellow.

I've also marked Walmarts in some towns with tacks and where I can get diesel. And where to buy propane. And a few Camping worlds.

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