Protect your RV Boondocking Communication with Top Notch Anti Virus Software

The worst thing I can think of is to fail to protect our computer with top flight anti virus software, and have our RV Boondocking communication infected by some sleazy hacker.

What a nightmare it would be to find ouselves half way to Alaska, and find some dirtbag had hacked into our accounts and left us flat busted broke. You hear about such things all the time.

Of course, if that crud did break into our accounts he'd find out he was working for less than minimum wage. But they're still my pennies!

Top grade virus protection software is the answer to the always growing need for internet security. I've used all the big names over the last few years in my search for something reliable.

I won't say those names here as they get their feelings hurt when you tell folks you still got computer virus and Trojan horse infections while using their products.

I got them on my home computer, and my wife continues to get periodic infections on our store computer. I can't get her to spend the money to protect that computer with the anti virus software program I found a year ago. She says "I have "super blotto" that so and so recommended so it's good to go." Just a little point of contention!

If it's so "good to go", how come the computer has to be taken in to get cleaned of new virus infections repeatedly? I'd say that the anti virus software used by her and a lot of other people, experiencing the same problems, are just not up to the task.

After my last bout of computer pneumonia I took the machine into a computer service outfit I'd found in Fort Collins that seemed to me to be on top of things.

They asked me before they cleaned up the mess what I was using for anti virus protection. I got a nod when I told them and then the comment that they had been using a "new" program for several months and were real happy with it. That it was quite a bitadvanced over the normal "reactive" type protection that is all the other programs.

Panda Global Protection is the name of this special little piece of internet security software.

I don't have the slightest idea of how it works, but it can somehow recognize the malicious behavior of an as yet unkown virus, trojan horse, or other malware and shut it down.

The previous anti virus software programs I had used could only react to known virus infections. As fast as they're coming onlinethat's usually too late. Which is why I continued to suffer the intrusions. And, you too?

Does it work? I won't say it's 100% bullet proof, I doubt you can say that about anything. But here's the tale. I've been using it for a year now. I used to be online two or three times a week and got infected every couple months seems like. In the last year, having started this website, I'm online daily, many times for hours at a time working and researching.

I haven't had an infection that required "outside intervention" in that time. The Panda Anti Virus Software has seemingly sealed me away from all the malicious little weasles scurrying around in "cyber space".

While it can recognize unknown threats it also updates every time I get on the net. Other programs would auto update weekly or so. Sometimes I see multiple updates over a days time. This Panda outfit seems to be the fastest of all the "computer laboratories" when it comes to getting out the protection updates for your anti virus software.

If you are looking for the best anti virus software, it's my opinion that Panda is the way to go. It's sure done the job for Goin' RV Boondocking!

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