Buried Treasure

by Linda
(Southwestern Ontario, Canada)

We bought a 35' new to us trailer. After living in it for a few days I noticed the back of the kitchen cupboard doors were a mysterious composition. Sort of like chalkboard. That was my husbands first guess.

Being very inquisitive, I tapped on them with a spoon and got the resounding clack of glass. HMMMM. I wonder what these are? I took the risk and used a knife to scrape, not so delicately and low and behold there was mirror under all that paint.

After taking the doors down and soaking the glass carefully with a rag dampened with fingernail polish remover, I proceeded to scrape the two layers of old paint off with a scraper.

I now have a light sparkly kitchen to work in. I am now tempted to get an etching kit and see if I can put a pretty scrolly design on them. Linda

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