The Cowboy Life of B.K. Gore

The Cowboy Life of my early years were some of the best. Some of it didn't seem so fine as it was playin' out... but in remembrance... They were Shining Times!

I've pulled those remembrances out of a dusty memory, and copied 'em down here in this ebook, as absolutely truthfully... as a cowboy's memory will allow!

You might not believe that Mice Hitchhike, or Rabbits attack Motorcycles... but those Cowboy times, are all written down here, just as they happened. I vow!

... and I should know... I was there!

Now I'll start off by saying, right up front, that a Cowboy's Life in 1967 was a different deal than in 1867...

Those Old Timers were lucky! They didn't have to put up with Mice hitchhiking in cars... rabbits assaulting you on the Interstate, rampaging Jackalope Bulls... or any of the other difficulties of a twentieth century cowboy!

Yes sir! The life of a Cowboy has only gotten harder and more treacherous over the years!

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Many Thanks

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