by Amy
( Texas Good ol' USA)

I've been reading your blog and you know an awful lot about this. is a site where you can use your expertise to make money. (wish I had an area of expertise like you do). How it works it that you set up your own phone line - via their site - or you can work through E-mail - I think - and people can call you regarding any questions they have regarding boondocking, repairs, renovations - making money while full timing...etc.

You write a blurb for yourself explaining what service you offer (in your case All things RV!) You get to choose what time you are contacted - or they can E-mail you and set up a time. How much you charge and whether its by the minute or hour. The catch? The site gets a certain percentage of what you make - so you have to factor that in.

Here's another - the caretakers gazette. I have gotten jobs from them (before I was married with a little one). The accommodations range from a place to hook up your RV to a house or apartment. The compensation ranges from free accommodations and utilities, to a stipend to a full salary with benefits. The time period is anywhere from a week (they are away on vacation) to - indefinitely.

I've seen a variety of positions. Some managing campgrounds or inns - caretaking for animals, people or land and houses. One seemed perfect in a way - caretaking for a resort - closed for the winter. Food, accommodations, utilities all taken care of - run of entire resort. You watch over resort and the resident cat - and there are certain things you do when there is a freeze warning.

It is a remote place but I actually considered it - it came with a stipend - which I would be forced to save - no stores about...and I figured I would be forced to sit and write on a schedule...the thing that kept me from considering it was memories of the movie, The Shining. lol.

And of course there are live/work situations at resorts. Many resorts will let you stay for free if you work as well - some are work one week stay another...or work and play simultaneously.

Oh and if you have internet - sweeping! Entering sweepstakes - I have won money, spa cards, giftcards - toys and just luxury items I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. You can win hotel stays, vacations, electronics, tickets and more - even RVs - I think its Camping World that has a yearly RV giveway. Even houses - which I would just sell to pay for taxes - and buy a nice hardy RV - like a unicat or some bus RV.

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