Follow the Sun.......

by Carroll
(Cloudcroft, NM)

Have as small an RV as you can live in comfortably. Stay where you have a minimum of clothing needs, heat-a/c, and travel as short a distance as "reasonably" possible.

But the fuel is approx the same for 250 mi. in 1 day (stay longer) as 250 mi. in a month. Go to Quartzsite("Q"), AZ(G.--is for google) for Dec-Jan-Feb (maybe longer), most any where in SouthWest in spring/fall; summers in Ruidoso/Cloudcroft, NM or 14ers in CO in summers; and Mountain View, AR/Ozarks(G.) in Oct-Nov.

Then repeat.... :-)

Just stay/travel on diff. roads/locations and mostly boondock.

NM St Pk passes (G.) are $225 for 13 mo. (minus a day or two) (no hookups) for out-of-staters. Most(all?) NMSP have dumps and water. Elec for heat-a/c is $4 more per night.

Staying "off season" for 50 nights = $4.50/night. Therefore, 100 nights = $2.25/night.

"Q" has about 25-30 free music jams "scheduled"-unscheduled/week from Dec-Feb+. I don't like heat/humidity in the summer (anywhere); but Mtn. View, AR has 5-10 unscheduled music jams per day (includes "courthouse" jams) from Mar-Nov +/-. {ref: 1st para---Oct-Nov for me

Life is great & fairly inexpensive.

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Dec 21, 2010
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing the wisdom of your experience!

Aug 15, 2009
This is what I'm talkin' about! :-)
by: Brian

Yes! Here is the straight dope... from somebody doin' it! ... 'course... for some of us... it's the gettin' loose part to do it this way... that's proving difficult... but once we do... OH Lordy! :-)

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