Don't Stop Boondocking Because
the High cost of fuel

I hear a lot of people say the high cost of fuel is going to force them out of full time traveling.

WHY? Stop ! Don't let that railroad you out of the life you love !

There is no need to leave the road.

No need at all.

If you leave the road, what are you going to do? Make a big house payment, property taxes, utilities, upkeep, yadda, yadda, yadda. I can't see how that's going to actually save any money over what your fuel cost is. And bottom line cost is what wer'e talking about isn't it ?

I will simply deal with the high cost of fuel. We all can. I say again, there ain't no need to ruin your dream and leave the RV Boondocking road !

So how do you save the money we need to ? Staying in $25 or $30 a night RV parks sure ain't gonna get the job done ! Not if your'e RVing on a budget.

But I believe there is a way. And in the end, it's the best way to be Goin' RV Boondocking anyway !

What if you stay in National Forest campgrounds somewhere around half your time and go staight up boondocking the other half ?

At $12 or so a night for NF campgrounds and Zero for dispersed camping out in the boondocks, your'e sitting in the vicinity of $180 a month for "parking/camping" expenses.

(Prices of campgrounds have gone up in the last few years since this article was written, but still, with 50% discount for Golden Age and Golden Access cards.. a good deal)

So, if you stay the maximum allowed in NF campgrounds (14 days) and boondock in dispersed camping areas down the road a bit for 14 days or so, you just aren't moving that much. Say your'e moving between camps, three days a month at around 100 miles a day. (why bust hump?) Thats only 300 miles a month of high fuel cost moving.

While in your long camps (7 to 14 days - Stay flexible and spontaneous !) you can daytrip out from camp a few of the days. Lots better fuel mileage with your truck bobtail or driving your toad right ?

Bottom line is, if you travel slower and easier you can save a hellatious amount of fuel and money. Best of all you'll not be forced by the high fuel prices to give up the boondocking lifestyle you've grown to love so much. For those of us rving on a budget that's pretty important !

Now, you can't just sit in camp scratching yourself either ! Develop your "in camp" activities. You don't have to fire up your truck or toad every day for daytrips !

Fishing, hiking, carving, painting, writing, paddle your kayak, photography, heck lock the doors and make whoopee ! They call it Living people !

Truth is, this high cost of fuel thing just might turn out to be a good thing. See it that way. Use it that way.

It'll force us to slow down and take a breath. Look around and see all the gorgeous things around us, right where we are. ......... (that was a little foo foo for a cowboy wasn't it ?) lol. But it's something we should probably be doing anyway !

You still get to wander. You can still go to all the same places and do the same things. Just wander slower ! That is the key. Slow down.

Get rid of the National Lampoon summer vacation lust for making miles mentality.

You'll not only get to save a lot of over priced fuel, you start to see the individual trees in the forest. Not just a green blur whipping by at 65mph !

Going slower, taking a breath, you start to see things you never, ever, even, ever noticed before !

Don't let the high cost of fuel conquer your life. Take control. Adjust to the situtation and keep on Goin' RV Boondocking !

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