Home Based Business Concept + Your Imagination X Your Hard Work =

Your Home Based Business Freedom!

So... You've decided to change your life, starting today! and all you need is the inspiration into which you can pour your perspiration! :-)

Well... you're in luck. Because from where I sit, the difficulty is not going to be in finding ideas, but in picking one!

This is where that "list" I told you to make at the end of the Cottage Industry page comes in. You need to use it, to measure all the ideas you can come up with, to see how well they fit. Keep testing, trying, imagining...

... Until finally, one of 'em is gonna ring the bell. One of those Home Based Business ideas is gonna catch fire and light up your imagination.

Heidi and I have brainstormed on occasion... and did so recently. I'd suggest ya'll do the same thing with your 'other half' or at least someone whose opinion you respect and value. Two heads will always come up with a multiple of the ideas a single brain can create, working alone.

Write 'em all down... nothing at this point is too crazy, to 'off the wall'... too weird.

I've already put down several on the Workamping page... I'll list a few more ideas here, hoping to stimulate your clever parts and warm up your imagination.

Hmmm... RV Based or Home Based Business options... Hmmm

Let's see... are you knowledgeable about antiques? Collectibles or some other item you can buy & sell?

Let's go with antiques... but you want to travel in your rig? well you sure can't carry an inventory of heavy antiques along with you... and maybe you don't want the hassles of running an antique store from the road?

How about - using ebay! ... You hunt around the area you're traveling in... find antiques at a good price... or even some other 'collectibles' to resell... but how can you put 'em on ebay... when you've got no space to store 'em?

YOU... Don't!

In just about every town of any size is at least one, ebay "store". They do all the computer work, and take care of the shipping... and you get, generally from what I've seen, 80% of what the piece brings... I'm not any sort of an antique expert, and you'd have to judge, but... I'd guess, if you can find pieces at the right price... so that you can turn a profit with receipt of 80% of retail... it could be a goin' concern.

If you're gonna stay close to home... 'cause you're not a full-timer... or you can make frequent circles back through your home base... There might also be something here... You could just do the 'sales' when you're back at your storage area... Maybe pulling a trailer with your finds, behind the motorhome?

How about teaching classes or seminars as a Home Based Business?

Have you've developed some talent or skill... Do you possess some special knowledge that people want? How about forming it into a class you can teach at RV Parks, Parks and Rec Departments... Stores that are relevant to the 'subject' of your special skill...

Like Heidi teaching, as a Guest Instructor, certain 'Special' Beading Techniques she has learned, at Bead Stores across the country?

While a few of these ideas really shine for a Work at home Mom... Most are wide open for ever'body. It will take some imagination to flesh 'em out and create the Home Based, Cottage Industry you dream of... and maybe THE ONE for you isn't even on this list...

Hell, it may be one nobody had ever even ever thought of before... Be the first! Sweet!

A few more 'Mostly' Knowledge Based - Home Based Business ideas

  • Professional Blogger/website
  • Put your knowledge and experience to work, sharing your insights across the globe.
  • Mobile pet grooming
  • A clever person could design and build a portable setup that could be widely marketed... especially if you learnto travel slowly!
  • Cleaning service
  • Remodeling (RV's?)
  • Are you a carpenter or interior designer? Your tools could be carried in a small trailer... Lot's of potential...
  • Photography/videography
  • From pet portraits to a Stock Photo Photographer
  • Personal trainer
  • All you athletic runners and gym fanatics out there...
  • General Fitness trainer
  • Tutoring
  • Math, English, Science... is Teaching a passion for you?
  • Business coaching
  • If you've owned or managed a successful business for any length of time... you have skills that people need, that you might not have even counted...
  • Web Design
  • Do you enjoy building websites more than working and maintaining them... There's a LOT of potential in a stillfast growing area.
  • Music Instructor
  • The world can always use more good music
  • Scrapbooking services
  • Do a google on this... lot's of opportunity.This could be promoted by way of your own website or blog... with the 'Materials' easily shipped to you for work,and returned to the client upon completion.
  • Mobile Mechanic
  • A good mechanic, is always in demand
  • Quilting
  • Janna carries a Long Arm Quilting Machine in a trailer behind their Motorhome!

Home Based Business ideas that Lend themselves to marketing on Etsy.com, ebay or other Online outlets...

  • Miscellaneous Arts and Crafts
  • Custom jewelry creation
  • Small Collectibles
  • Vintage Jewelry, Sports Cards, Comic Books, Old and Rare Books, ceramics... and on and on...
  • What
  • Do
  • You
  • Create?

Home Based Business ideas that have a lot of Guest Instructor Potential

  • Miscellaneous Crafts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Carving
  • Leather Craft
  • Photography
  • First Aid
  • Knitting
  • Computer Skills
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Painting (art)
  • Drawing
  • Yoga/General Fitness Instructor
  • put
  • your
  • Ideas
  • Here!

There's the Home Based Business ideas I've got for now...

I'll close with a little cautionary message... While keeping your mind and your heart open to potential... When you start looking into some of the Work at Home "Opportunities" you'll find advertised, there are a few things to watch out for;

1. If someone tells you they'll have you making hundreds or even thousands; "Quick and Easy... Just as soon as you send in your $49.95 for your start up package"... or something like it... smile sweetly... and walk away... They don't care if you... or anyone else, ever makes a nickle... they are only selling their phony "Start up Package".

2. If someone tells you anything that remotely sounds like; "GET RICH QUICK"... they are simply hawking a SCHEME... designed to separate you from what hard earned money you have.

3. Anything that is going to be of VALUE... requires hard work, dedication... and discipline to build. There are no short cuts... there are no 'easy roads'... there are however legitimate, honest ways to create your Home Based Business... your own personal Cottage Industry.

4. There is no need to go with someone Else's idea... Create your Own future. Follow your own dreams... Fabricate Your Own Ideas... TRUST YOUR OWN VISION!

Though there are no real, or genuine, "Get rich quick" programs... there are honest, honorable people out there who realized that their opportunity lay in guiding others to avoid the traps and pitfalls; That they had the opportunity to create the tools needed for the average person to overcome, the confusion and roadblock of technology; Freeing their customers to build their Home Based Business... and eventually... their Castles in the Sky!

Solo Build It!

So now... the ball is in Your hands... Whatcha gonna do with it?

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