LED Conversion

by Martin
("Lost Wages", NV)

Lights in main area

Lights in main area

Your tip #5 - Convert from incandescent to fluorescent lighting, is good, however I went the LED route. Being too too frugal (cheap) to pay the $25 plus for two LED replacements for incandescent lamps, I purchased two packs of 12V SMD LED lamps on line, and merely adapted them to each of the incandescent light fixtures. I then adapted the fluorescent lighting to use flexible LED strip lighting. It takes a little bit of time and patience, but is well worth the effort.

Both have worked extremely well and draw much less wattage. A word of advise though, the warm white light is much more pleasant than the bright white, so says my wife.

***ed note*** the idea to go to fluorescent was written before the manufacturers got the price of LED down to be economical - LED is the way to go! half our rig has been converted now ***

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