murphys law

by kerry
(British Columbia)

Hi Brian a short story

I have a 30ft trailer with a slide, it's a lite weight only 4550lbs for a 30, so decided I wanted to put in an inverter so I could watch my new flat screen when out in the wilds of British Columbia.

Got it in and just had to run the power outlet for the tv so it would be out of sight under one of the cupboards.

This is where Murphy's law came into effect...

...30 ft x 12 =360 inches yes.... and I only needed a half inch hole so double it again = 720

wellllll that being said I figured out where I wanted to drill the hole from the underbelly... started to drill.... just didn't feel right after I got threw the plywood.... pulled the drill back out and sure enough the bit was wet!!

So 1 in 720 I hit a water line....2 hrs to put the inverter in and the best part of 5 hrs to fix the line as it was in a cupboard and 3 arms were needed.

In the end I did get it fixed and my new tv works great.

You were talking about putting your bike in the back of your truck, this is why I have a pull trailer. The bike slides in the back of the truck and I had the trailer jack moved so I can have my tailgate down when I'm pulling the trailer... work's pretty good.

**ed. note*** - I've considered going to a pull as well for just that reason... 'cause we're wanting to carry two bikes these days... and I would!... if the bank account would allow that 'change' right now!... since we 'have' the 5er, we'll just keep on using that for now... until my wallet grows enough to allow the swap! :-) - Brian

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Feb 05, 2012
takin' your bike along

This is as much for Brian as for "Murphy's Law".

I obsessed while planning my "last" RV and came to the conclusion that for ALL the right reasons, a "bumper pull", toy hauler, pulled by a medium/heavy truck would fulfill all my needs.

First, a "bumper pull" can always be pulled by a rental truck if your toter is out of service. And you have a separate vehicle to use while at camp.

Secondly, you can always sleep, sit, dine, etc. in the garage, but you can't put your bike in a travel trailer.

And thirdly, and most important to me, you have lots of utility space- 'cause I drag all kinds of stuff along, just for fun and to "produce" our "show" on the road.

Note to Brian: I am just getting my retirement rig composed and am loving your site! I'll submit my pics asap and hope to get more info and knowledge from you and all the other road people who enjoy your site. Thanks, Rick

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