The night I was attacked by a ninja rabbit!

I'd never before had any thoughts of, or contact with, ninja rabbits. That was about to change!

Many years ago, 1989 I believe it was, I was working as a night herdsman for a bull stud north of Fort Collins, Colorado.

We were living in Timnath, a small town 20 miles or so southeast of the stud. I was riding a 450 Suzuki back and forth. Rode that sucker all winter too! Brrrrrr! Sometimes being a tough nut just don’t make no sense!

My shift would end at 6am. I’d climb on that Suzuki and roll home in the dark. It was, after all, winter!

One morning, I had just got back on I-25 rolling south at about 75mph. Up ahead in the weak light shed by that motorcycles headlight, I saw a Rabbit crossing the highway, left to right.

No big deal, right? Just lean the bike into the left lane and roll on by!


I did that, but that long eared idiot hit reverse and jumped back in front of me! So I leaned back to the right. Indecisive little furball jumps back to the right!

So here I am, dark, cold, closing fast, at 75 miles per hour, and I’m weaving all over the road trying to find a way around this little Rabbit!

‘Cept that little Rabbit wasn’t so little. That bugger was a western style Jack Rabbit! Wouldn’t surprise me if it weighed 12 pounds! At 75mph he looked to be 3 feet tall!

So anyway, I finally centered that Suzuki on the centerline of the highway waiting for him to make up his mind. Still closing at 75mph!

So what does he decide? ............... Same damn thing! Sits his hairy little butt right dead on the centerline paint!

Grittin’ my teeth, I grip the handle bars, all wired up, trigger tight. I’m ready to cut one way or the other just as soon as this fool carrot eater makes a choice and jumps.

Well, he jumped all right. Straight UP! Three feet off the ground. The dreaded Ninja Rabbit! Head high to, you guessed it, ME!

75 miles an hour and I’ve got a giant Ninja Jack Rabbit whistling past my ear like a huge furry June bug! Nearly took my head off. I swear that second rate imitation of Bugs Bunny tried to kick me as I flew past!

Have you ever been rolling along on a bike, without a helmet and been nailed in the forehead by some big bug?

Hurts don’t it?

Now, imagine that “bug” is the size of a Beagle! I’ve been terrified of Ninja Rabbits ever since. I see a Rabbit off in a hayfield, when I’m on a bike, and I get the wiggly quivers, for sure and for certain!

I hope your riding will be a mite less traumatic............ Just stay away from Ninja Rabbits!

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