North and Central America Trip of a Life Time

by Craig Campbell

I came up with an unique idea about 8 years ago, with that idea I started a company and with luck that I surly didn't deserve, my company took off. A much larger competitor decided they didn’t like the fact that I was taking a considerable amount of their business away from them. So what they decided was to buy my company……………..and the result is that I’ve now retired at a relatively young age with plenty of money for my wife and I to live the rest of our lives with no worries and to experience whatever our dreams want to take us.

It had always been a life long dream of mine to drive around North America and more recently the dream has include Central America too. So now I’ve convinced my wife that this is her dream too………..I’m convincing when I have to be. My wife and I are now planning a 1 year plus RV trip through North and Central America.

We are new to RVing and we are jumping into this with both feet. We are purchasing a top of the line Class A, 45 ft coach and stacker trailer to tag along some toys. I know, it’s a lot of vehicle for a newbie, but I say “go big or don't go at all” and I've always been very good at handling vehicles of all kinds so with a short bit of practice I will be able to drive the rig around with confidence and comfort.

We are planning on leaving Toronto, Canada in late Aug, early Sept. The route we are contemplating is thought to go something like this:
-Chicago (never been there and always want to see it)
-St Louis (want to check out some good old St Louis blues clubs
-Then the mountains of Colorado and Utah (my wife has never been to the mountains
-Then to the Grand Canyon (probably do some white water or a camping trip of some kind)
-Lake Mead (going to rent a house boat for a few days or so, depending on how warm it will be when we get there)
-Vegas (we’re not big gamblers but we love to people watch and I hear its one of the best places in the world for that)
-Then head to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico through Texas and into Mexico.
-In Mexico we will want to hit the Mayan Rivera and do some exploring of its history plus the beaches.

At this point or even maybe back in Texas we will likely have to rent a Class C RV because of the smaller roads and bridges of Mexico and Central America. (We will pick up our rig on the way back and return the Class C RV)

-Then head south to maybe as far as Panama
-Once we pick up our rig again, we want to then start heading back up the Pacific coast and back towards California, Washington and Oregon.
-By the time summer is back we will head to British Columbia and head up to Alaska.
-Finally once Fall has is upon us we will start to head back towards Ontario and catch the fall colours.

It’s a lot of travelling for sure but we think it will be wonderful. What we don't know is how RV friendly is Mexico and the countries south of that? Are some of these regions/countries a little too unsafe to be able to really enjoy them?

We'll post our experiences; we might even start a blog to let whoever wants to hear about our experiences
(editor; Do that!... and post your URL in the comments here! In light of the negative sentiments around the world these days... This is a SWEET bit of Optimistic Pursuit of LIVING!)

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Sep 15, 2011
Mexico, Guatamala, Belize & Honduras
by: Pete Adams


i bought a 21' Minnie Winnie in Texas just over 2 years ago. i drove up to Portland, then very slowly down the east coast, with a diversion to Burning Man (Sept 2009) & eventually into Baja California, & on to Mazunte in Oaxaca. i stayed in Oaxaca for about 18 months (flying to England & Turkey for 6 months inbetween). i'm now in Honduras having spent about 5 weeks in Guatamala & a week in Belize. i've had no problems at all on my travels finding everyone very friendly.

How did your trip go?


Jul 07, 2009
RVing in Mayaland
by: Patrick

Hey Hi

I drove my 37' Pace Arrow down through Brownsville, TX to the Yucatan. It was an interesting trip but without too many problems. Others have not had quite the luck that I did. Your route is important. I am still here, living next to the beach in a little fishing village called Chelem.

If you have any questions you can contact me at:



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