As RVers we need to behave with proper parking etiquette and within the guidlines of a proper code of conduct to protect our RVing rights.

Parking etiquette has risen to the forefront of many discussions of RVing.

As you may or may not know many municipalities have instituted or are considering ordinances to prohibit overnight parking on private business properties.

This problem has been largely created by thoughtless individuals abusing the privileged granted by the property owners.

Their poor parking etiquette has often been perceived as a measure of us all.

Our only recourse is to behave within an honorable code of conduct that shows us to be a benefit to their businesses and communities.

These points are really nothing more than the reasonable and proper courtesy which we should exhibit in a community in which we are guests. None require more than what a good neighbor would or should do:

When overnight parking at Wal Mart or on any other business/private property show proper parking etiquette by observing these rules:

  • 1. Obtain permission from a qualified individual
  • 2. Park out of the way. Do not block traffic lanes
  • 3. Do not deploy awnings, chairs, or barbeque grills (no outside cooking)
  • 4. Avoid the use of slide outs if possible. If you do put one out keep it within the parking zone out of any traffic lane
  • 5. Do not use leveling jacks on asphalt or other soft surfaces
  • 6. Limit your stay - one night maximum! If you are staying in the area longer, find a campground or dispersed camping area
  • 7. Purchase fuel, food or other supplies as a form of thank you
  • 8. Always leave an area cleaner than you found it. Collecting a few carts and/or an actual short walk around picking up litter will send a powerful message to the business and community and demonstrate the true nature of RVers
  • 9. Practice safety precautions. Always be aware of your surroundings and leave if you feel unsafe
  • 10. Obey any posted regulations
  • 11. Communicate this code (Diplomatically) to other RVers when you can.

If we all work together we can protect our RVing rights and privileges. If we ignore the warnings, and do not exercise proper parking etiquette, many opportunities we have taken for granted will be lost to us.

I don't think this code of conduct / rules of parking etiquette are too much for any community to request. They really are reasonable and many are really the way I have already been doing things for many years anyway!

As always, travel safe.

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