RV Security

by Dan

You have listed many valid points - do not present yourself as a "victim" and most times you won't be perceived as one. Also be aware of your surroundings and what is going on as well. You see trouble go around it.

Case in point; I will never ever stop at a unlighted rest stop that some states have.
I was worn out driving all day so I stopped at one; it was like a black hole.

It was a hot night in the summer and figured no problem; lite traffic on the highway.

The doors were locked so I opened the drivers window and put a pillow over the steering wheel. Sometime that night I awoke to the pillow being moved. I saw an arm through the window INSIDE of the rig. The hand was searching for the door latch. I then used a tool of self defense ( I am trained in it's use and have all the legal paperwork ).

I rubbed that steel barrel along the arm and stated;"Does that feel good?". All I saw was the arm yank back outside and I looked in the mirror. I saw four shapes running away from the rig in the moon light.

I was immediately no longer tired started up the rig and left.

I was lucky; if I had gone back to the bed they would have been INSIDE of the rig.

I now only stop at well lighted areas; truck stops and mall lots.

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