RV Logs help your scrapbooking while you keep track of maintenance at the same time.

If you keep organized RV Logs and RV Journals, your memories of your travels will be preserved and you won't overlook important RV maintenance.

There are a number of software programs available that allow you to do your RV Logs on your computer. RV Journals are also easily done on your computer. Considering the only difference between an RV Journal and a plain old regular journal is that you write it in an RV while you travel, it doesn't take anything special for that. The journal that comes in the Windows XP program will do just fine for that!

Easy to use RV Logs may be another deal. There's a lot more, different little things you might want to record. Having a page organized to allow you to simply fill in the slots would make it pretty easy to keep from forgetting important information. That, and it will help you to stay with it. Sometimes, if it seems a big hassle, you say, "To hell with it" and just quit.

That won't do! You're going to need the mileage records on your trailer or your Motor Home. They'll keep track of when you need wheel bearing service, or just how "new" those tires really aren't! The notes you made while exploring a road you travelled on the Olympic Peninsula, are really going to come in handy, when you're trying to give directions, to a good friend, about how to navigate to some special RV Boondocking camp you found.

Keeping a fuel log can help with your taxes, if some enterprise you engage in will allow you to write off some of your road expenses.

When you sit down to build the scrapbooks of your travels, having complete RV Journals of the trip will go a long way toward refreshing the fading memories of an aging mind! :-)

The list goes on....

You've got many options. If you prefer paper RV Logs and RV Journals as I do, you can search out several available options on this good ol' internet or at local bookstores. How about sitting down and designing your own from scratch? Tailoring an RV Log Book to your own tastes can be fun.

Do what suits you best.

Over the years I've scratched out a few RV Logs of my own, and a journal version or two. I offer them here for your use. Feel free to download them, print them off, and remodel them to suit your needs. Or maybe just use them as food for thought as you design and lay out your own creation.

I hope you find them useful.

Here are the links to the RV logs and RV Journals PDF's:

My Daily Log Book

My RV Fuel and RV Maintenance Logs

A Large RV Journal Version

A vertical version of the same RV Journal

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