The Wal-Mart Day Spa for RV Boondocking ladies!

We recently located the "Wal-Mart Day Spa" for the ladies! A possibly, previously undiscovered little diamond in the rough for ladies RV boondocking!

We were preparing to make a long drive back from a trip and I saw little need to carry a lot of water. We'd just be on the road for two days or so and making a dry camp a night or two along the highway.

We had a guest with us, and after a day on the road, the "girls" decided they really would like to shower so they could wash their hair ........... now they tell me! Only I had not loaded sufficient water for that.

Bad, Bad cowboy!

Well that night we made a "dry camp" at the Wal-mart along I-80 in Grand Island Nebraska. Our guest suggested to Heidi that they go inside and get some "dry shampoo". Heidi had never heard of such a thing so off they went!

As they entered the store that evening they were passing a cost cutters "salon" (hearafter known as the Wal-Mart Day Spa!)that's located in the front of the store. Right about that time Heidi had an epiphany!

Hey! Lets go in and see if we can get a shampoo in cost cutters! So, in they go!

The gal in the store replied to their query that they didn't really do just shampoos ........... Heidi, having had some of my stubborness rub off asked again, "well can't you figure out some way to do it?"

The "Hair Technician" (what do you call the gals in a salon?) told her "well, we do cut bangs for $5, I guess we could do it for that!"

"Sold!" says Heidi and Betty (the guest).

They came back to the fifth wheel happy as a couple of school girls! "Guess what we just did?!" That's a question guaranteed to make a fella just a mite nervous!

They then regaled me with the story of how they massage your scalp as they wash your hair and just how wonderful it all was.

So, if you're on the road, or even boondocked somewhere and are short on water, go to the "Wal-Mart Day spa" and get a Cost Cutters Shampoo and Massage!

Just tell them that the Grand Island "Wal-Mart Day Spa" gave Heidi and Betty a wonderful "treatment" for the 'Bangs cutting" price!!

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