Winterizing Your RV: 9 Steps To Get It Done

by Connie Hays

Photo courtesy of Greg Gjerdingen. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

Photo courtesy of Greg Gjerdingen. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

If you’ve procrastinated on winterizing your RV, don’t wait any longer! If you live in a cold climate, you need to take several steps to prepare your RV for the winter months.

The biggest task is winterizing your RV plumbing. This involves draining all the water, blowing it out with compressed air, and filling the plumbing system with RV antifreeze.

You also need to cover your tires and your whole RV, as well as remove food and laundry and seal the vents and openings in the RV. You should also buy any replacement RV parts you need and do repairs before you winterize.

We’ve broken the winterization process down into 9 steps. You need to do them all (or take your RV to a dealer and pay them to do it).

NOTE: Every RV is different. Check your owner’s manual to find the locations of the parts that you need to winterize.

Fix any broken parts, especially plumbing, BEFORE winterizing.

Here are the 9 Steps--view the full article, Winterizing Your RV, for the details:

1. Winterize Your RV Plumbing (most important!!)

2. Remove Food and Personal Items

3. Clean the inside of your RV thoroughly

4. Turn off electrical systems

5. Cover all vents and openings

6. Take weight off tires

7. Cover your tires

8. Cover your RV with a breathable RV cover

9. Keep the roof clear of snow

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