Working Off Your Lot Fees

by Linda
(Southwestern Ontario. Canada)

Country Jammin at the Park

Country Jammin at the Park

My husband and I both have health issues and found ourselves living in an RV. My eyesight is going at the young age of 63 and he has a pacemaker and chronic pain issues.

When we first became campers in a little 19' fisherman's special I noticed the campground flower beds were looking pretty neglected so I asked the owner if he would mind me puttering around the gardens. The next year I was getting (paid).

I kept track of my hours and my husband started to help a bit. The campground has benefited with attracting more business. Who wants to stay in a run down campground.

When we started doing small repairs to fences and I started planting trees found on the property things really took off. The place started looking neat and kept. The next thing we knew we moved up to a 28' foot trailer. What bliss. Our kids started coming to visit more. Another bonus. Our health is still an issue.

The next year the owner bought a zero radius lawnmower. I think that's what they call them. Since we have a lot of trees and lots of property its almost a full time job keeping the property looking neat. My husband now mows the grass with some help and so more hours, more income.

Although no money changes hands we live here next to free. We love the campground although now a days its more of an RV park since we have a lot of seasonals that stay all summer. Another benefit from us keeping things neat.

Now we have been able to move up to a 35' unit. So you see, there are ways to afford RV living. My husband can't travel very well otherwise we would be on the road too.

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Dec 14, 2011
Great idea
by: Amy

I love this idea...and have thought it be a good alternative...if you ever want to vacation - for free - try the caretakers gazette. Resorts will also let you have a work/play vacation.

I have RA, migraines AND a five year when I get divorced I would like to do the same as you so I never have to worry if my health won't allow me to work full time. Will likely be trying to work off lot fees as well! But hopefully in the office/store if my RA doesn't allow digging in the dirt (something I happen to enjoy too). I've seen some ads for jobs to manage rv resorts and the like - but its usually bring your own RV!

Best wishes to you - happy holidays!


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