Writing, when we are RV Boondocking is one of my favorite Recreational Activities

When it comes to Recreational activities for RVers, Writing is a fine way to go! It's not only recreational, but there's a fine potential for Work Kamping as well.

Recreational activities don't all have to be about hikin' and fishin' and runnin' around. Sittin' in the rig tap tap tappin' out another story on your laptop keyboard... with the always handy cup of coffee right there on your desk... and your favorite music on the Stereo, is a fine way to spend a long, quiet afternoon... especially on those rainy days!

Recreation for your head is as important as are activities for your 'behind'. The Fact is there are several trails an aspiring Author could explore, chasing his/her passion for words.

You could do Journaling, (do a google for journaling!) either private & personal or Trip Journals created with the intention of sharing them with others. These journals can be illustrated and flashed up with pictures and memory 'teasers' picked up along the way, almost a scrap book.

Journaling can be an especially rewarding pursuit... as well as a great tool, helpful in making the decisions you'll be faced with as you work your way around the inevitable 'obstacles', you're going to encounter, along your journey.

You'll find yourself looking back at past journaling entries... looking to verify your memory of some event along the way.

Fiction writing or non-fiction 'How To' books are a real possibility.

Site Build It!
Just about everybody it seems is starting up a blog to share their travels with friends and family.

You might get into producing free lance magazine articles, and don't forget writing for the purpose of building a website.

A quick internet search will gather in a whole host of sites with writing tips to get you started, and even lists of outlets to market articles! ... Sites such as WritersWeekly.com.

If you're building a website, producing a few ebooks (or regular paper) containing your experience in whatever subject your website is about, would be a fine way to turn a Work Kampers profit from your effort.

Do you see what's happening here? ... or what could? Not only are you able to engage in a personally fulfilling recreational pursuit... the writing itself... but you have a fine opportunity to generate some fairly decent income from your efforts as well!

All while being a help to other people, hungry for the knowledge your experience has gathered.

Wouldn't that be a fine thing? Actually getting paid for doing something you truly love to do! Crafting a fine manuscript, or website, sure beats the usual offerings, when it comes to work kamping... now don't it?

The best part is you get to pursue it on your own terms... at your own pace. You get to combine the pure pleasure and passion of writing about something that is deeply important to you, with the earning of the income you need to live.

How many people that you know, get to enjoy the 'Job' that produces their living? I'll bet, far too few, and that is truly a shame. But for you, finally, that prize may just be within your reach!

Most don't, I believe, because they let themselves get talked out of chasing their dream by other folks who didn't have what it took to reach for the Brass Ring.... I know... I let myself get 'Talked' out of far too many things that were truly valuable to me... but not any more!

Don't be one of those folks. Don't let anyone talk you out of being you... Don't listen to those 'downers'. Don't let them stop you from chasing your dreams. Keep on reaching. If you stretch yourself... you can grab that Brass Ring.

Writing, sharing all that is you with people hungry for your knowledge and experience is about as fine a Brass Ring as I can imagine.

But, that's my dream. Whichever is yours, journaling your own personal, private thoughts for pleasure and fulfillment, writing to share your experience with others.... or building a website for work kamping profit...

All you have to do... is START!

Retired? or soon to be? but not ready for mothballs just yet? Wondering what you're going to do with your new Freedom? Know a lot about 'Something' and wanting to share the 'wealth'? What if I told you: There is an opportunity to share your knowledge, with thousands of people hunting for what you know... while engaging in your passion for the subject and supplementing your income at the same time! and all on your own terms?... click here to learn more....

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