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Selling the house

All the trials and tribulations of selling our place to get on the road RV Boondocking Full-Time

Busy Day Planned...Working on House stuff... RV Remodel stuff... and Internet Stuff
OK Here We Go Again... Selling the House... Take 3
I Do Believe We've Been Down This Road Once Already
Comin' up on another 'crunch' time...
Dealing With Banks...
Mommy... My Head Hurts!
Don't make plans... there's a Devil just waitin'...
Well... looks like we're full circle now!
Tyin' to stir up Real Estate and Gettin' Ready to hit the road for some circles
A Lousy Day in Paradise
Finally Got St. Joe on the job!
I'm Adopting a Policy of Selective Hearing When it Comes to GOV"T and CORPORATIONS
In Like a Lion out Like a Lamb... Right?
Gettin' close to one more time...
Getting Things Lined out
.... Still workin' on it... but the Real Estate Market don't appear to have changed much yet!
Hmmmm.... Maybe this time?
Three steps forward... two steps back... while I wait out the winter....
Trying to avoid the same ol' grind
Back to the Future!
Stuck... but still lookin'... and workin' to get RV Boondockin' Full-Time
Nothing is happening ... in a big rushing hurry!
Sharpening my Pencil ... as life goes on.
Road Apples ain't that Bad
Somedays are Diamonds.... some are Road Apples....
A hard rain
The Sun is Shining
Officially RV Full-Timers now... as of Sunday night, though we're not Yondering.... yet
Tonight is the first night of the rest of our RV Boondocking life!
It's a Horse Race to meet the deadline...
We're close to Full-time now... But I won't call it 'The Leaving' yet!
TWANG! ... the continuing transition to RV BOONDOCKING FULL-TIME
Hasn't got better yet... but it's close! .... it BETTER be!
The Adventure Begins!.... Finally!
Some cogitations on preparing to pull out RV Boondocking Full-time
Working Toward RV Boondocking
Whoosh! Gettin' Buried as the day gets closer
The continuing ordeal .... to go RV Boondocking Full-time
Lookie Lous' sound like they're getting serious!


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